Apex Legends players have just seen a new weapon introduced into the game. It is the energy HAVOC Assault Rifle. It was added to the game as the fourth assault rifle of Apex Legends

Apex Legends Havoc Energy Rifle Jpg Optimal
The HAVOC rifle

The HAVOC Rifle is a unique gun. Its standard shooting mode – autofire – takes a few seconds to charge before actually shooting. If you use its second mode – Select Fire Receiver – you can shoot out single-shot energy beams that instantly hits the opponents if they’re under your crosshair (which means your bullet will ignore distance, bullet travel time, and anything else). Moreover, a lot of hop up attachments work with the gun.

The HAVOC Rifle seems to be an incredible gun due to these features, and why don’t we take a closer look at the advanced stats of this gun?

Comparison with other rifles

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The HAVOC Rifle is equal to the Hemlok in term of ratings for its damage, rate of fire, range, and accuracy. The basic stats of these 2 guns are the same, and they have the highest stats among the 4 rifles in Apex Legends now.
If you can hit numerous shots, the HAVOC’s damage per second will be the second best in its category at 202 to 404, second to the Hemlok. The HAVOC Rifle deals 36 damage per one shot to the head and 18 damage per one shot to the body.

Other stats

Screenshot 4
HAVOC rifle stats

Looking at these stats, we can see that HAVOC has the highest default ammo clip size in its class (25 bullets per clip). As a result, it has the highest reload time of 3.2 seconds. For even more advanced stats of the HAVOC Rifle, check it out here.

These stats indicate that the HAVOC Rifle can be a good gun if you invest time to practice how to play with it. It has good damage dealing, its clip is big by default, and it is as strong and accurate as other assault rifles in Apex Legends. The long reloading time is a trouble of the gun indeed, but with good practice and strategy, we believe you will gain more win with the HAVOC Rifle