Apex Legends – the free-to-play battle royale FPS by Respawn Entertainment – has been an incredible success since its surprising release on February 4th. In just one month, Apex Legends has achieved 50 million downloads – a figure that took Fortnite more than four months to gain.

Its success is due to the fact that this game is already a well-made game since its release, in comparison with its competitors. But this game still has a lot of room for improvement. And just recently, this game seemingly has just been added a lot of new reload animations that we are not announced about just yet.

These might be the Easter eggs from Respawn Entertainment for Apex Legends – like the Nessy challenge, but nothing has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment yet. Nevertheless, there have been posts in Apex Legends official subreddit showing the new reload animations of guns

Nessy Apex Legends
The Nessy challenge in Apex Legends, which has been decoded within the first week of the game

The first post was a clip showing the new reload animation of the Peacekeeper shotgun. The player was using the zip line in the clip and showing an irregular reload animation of this gun (while getting four kills). In the comment section of this post, other players pointed out that they experienced the same reload animation of the Peacekeeper if they were performing another action (like the Q ability of Mirage) in their other hand while reloading this gun.

Another post about this topic on Reddit showed us the new reload animation the G7 Scout. In the comment section of this post, users predicted that the animation was intentionally added to the game since the same reload animation can be found in Titanfall 2 – another game by Respawn Entertainment.

Because Respawn Entertainment has not said anything about this, so we don’t know for sure whether the new reload animations have any effect on the actual reload time of each gun. But for a game that intended for esports like Apex Legends, even the slightest feature can bring tons of benefits for pro players. Hopefully, we will hear from EA and Respawn Entertainment about this topic in no time.

Apex Legends Twitch Rivals Tournament Results Min
Apex Legends already has some tournament, so we need clear explanation for details in the game