Unlike the majority of battle royale titles currently on the market, Apex Legends focuses entirely on team play. There is no solo mode, and in every match you have to join a squad of 3 to face off against other squads. This means unless you’re playing with friends, you will be matched with random strangers and have to work with them in a team. For many players, this is a challenge in and of itself.

Playing alone in Apex Legends means you won’t have the luxury of being able to rely on your friends, which can be hard. Most of the time random players are not willing to cooperate. They rarely communicate to one another, and sometimes they wander off by themselves and get overwhelmed and killed by an enemy squad. It's a lot more difficult to come out on top in a team game when you don't know your teammates, but it's definitely not out of the realm of possibility. In fact, Apex Legends has made several innovations, such as adding a comprehensive ping system, to deliver a pretty good overall experience, even when playing with strangers.

That said, if you are planning to jump into a match by yourself, there are tons of situations and strategies that you must consider in order to be successful. Playing with people you don't know is all about adapting to the situation at hand and trying to make the squad work even with minimal communication. Changing your playstyle and paying attention to your teammates’ actions can go a long way in helping you become the winners, even without your best buddies by your side. Here are a few tips that’ll help you be more effective in a squad, even when you play by yourself.

The ping system is the best thing in this game. Abuse it

Regardless of whether you play with strangers or with your most trusted friends, the most importing thing to do in Apex Legends is sharing information. It’s totally understandable if you want to refrain from talking to random people as much as possible, but even then you can still share a lot of sharing information with your team by using pings. Of course that doesn’t mean marking every Mozambique you come across (Please, people, stop that), but powerful weapons such as the Longbow, Peacekeeper, Triple Take, or Spitfire are worth sharing. The same goes for high-level accessories and attachments. Furthermore, pinging the location of enemies helps everyone maintain a high awareness of danger, which gives your randomly-assembled squad a higher chance of surviving.

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Abuse the ping system

Stay close together

Yes, it's tempting to head out there on your own to find the best loot without having to share with your teammates, but try to resist that temptation. Spreading out so far to the point where you can’t cover for each another is the quickest way to get picked off in Apex Legends. Most of the time a skirmish is won not by one especially good player, but by combining the firepower of the entire squad on just one enemy. That way, you can quickly eliminate that enemy from the equation and give your team a number advantage. No matter how deft of a player you are, if you let your teammates get ambushed one by one, you are going to have a hard time.

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Always stick together

Sharing is caring

Working together in Apex Legends is not just about shooting at the same enemy or pinging nice loot. Ensuring that your teammates stay healthy and well-equipped will improve your chance of winning. That means making good use of your abilities when they are helpful, especially when you're playing Lifeline or the likes. That also means giving teammates ammo, shield cell, and health when they need them too. Moreover, sharing helps create a positive feeling between you and the others, making them more likely to share back with you. Needless to say, when all of you are supporting each other, you stand a much higher chance of winning. Help your teammates alive, and they'll do the same for you. Sharing is caring!

Improvise, adapt, overcome

Whenever possible, analyze the way your teammates play and find ways to help them out, both with the abilities of your character and with your choice of weapons. Are they going for sniping? If so, then maybe you’ll want to get up close and personal with enemies. On the other hand, if they are the ones who like close engagements, then you’re better off providing backup from afar with a sniping weapon. Basically, always try to diversify the roles and capabilities of your team’s members. That way, you can handle every situation.

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Adapt to be more versatile

Don't shoot at enemies until everyone is ready to kill them

This is a good rule in general, but it’s especially useful when playing in the same team with random strangers. If you spot an enemy from afar, don't just start firing immediately. Make sure everyone on your team is ready first. Otherwise, you’ll alert the enemies and give away the element of surprise, not to mention compromising your position. You never know, another team could be around and might use the opportunity to ambush you.  The better approach would be to use ping to let your teammates know the enemy whereabouts and try to get in as close as possible without being spotted.

If you do end up alone, choose your fights carefully

Things will not always go smoothly and there will be situations when you find yourself well and truly alone. Maybe your teammates all got killed and you’re the only one left, or maybe they’re just so insufferable that you decided to split up on your own. Whatever the case, you are at a disadvantage. Thus, your number one priority should be to stay alive, not to get kills. More often than not enemies you encounter will be sticking with their teams, so if you engage everybody you see, it’s likely not going to end well for you. Just stay on high alert, move quietly and carefully so that you can hear if anybody is close by, and if possible, try to get away.

Don't Quit

If you want to meet decent players, be a decent player yourself first. Always say no to toxic behaviors. Even if you don’t get to play your favorite Legend or get eliminated early, don't just quit. By doing so you’re contributing to the negativity of the community as a whole. When you quit, your teammates are put in a difficult situation, which means they’re going to have less fun, and then they will get tilted more easily in their next games and affect other people, and so the circle goes on and on. Be a bigger person than that. Just stick around and watch, maybe a teammate might manage to get to a respawn beacon and bring you back.

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