Advertising sometimes is quite desperate, honestly. And marketing for video game is not an exception. And the recent ad of League of Angels III - a browser-based MMO title - is a perfect example of this. This game just ran an advertisement which made it look extremely similar Apex Legends – a smash-hit by Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends was just released on February 4th, but the game has made a huge success already. So, there should be no surprise if we see other publishers’ attempts to make use of its success. And, of course, there are “suspecting” attempts as well.

League of Angels III ran an ad video on its Facebook page advertising the game just like a part of Apex Legends, or at least League of Angels III was made by Respawn Entertainment. This ad was a video and it was captured and posted to the official Apex Legends subreddit. The ad was a video of the character choosing screen League of Angels III. But it looks identical to the character select screen from Apex Legends.

Fake Ad
Ad for League of Angels III

Apex Legends 20190205142745
Actual character selecting screen from Apex Legends

This is not the first time a false ad coping material for a famous game. Many of these advertisements are specially designed to fool players into clicking on a link, but it doesn’t lead to any game at all.

Luckily, the ad we are talking about actually leads to a game. But the developer of League of Angels III can be facing some serious lawsuit for this action, or for any careless advertising actions. There have not been any responses from Respawn Entertainment on this incident. We will keep you posted with more update of this incident.