In mid-October, there were rumors that the Czech game developing studio Bohemia Interactive was making a sequel to its shooter game Arma 3. These rumors had many fans excited. However, a representative from Bohemia later denied them.

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An Arma 4 is not in development

On October 19, a journalist from Slovakia named Lukas Kanik falsely tweeted that "Our editor is in Bohemia Interactive today. I can now say that Arma 4 is officially confirmed #Arma4 #Arma." Later on the same day, this tweet was deleted. However, some people had already shared this rumor on Reddit. A thread named "ARMA 4 in development, editors are visiting Bohemia Interactive" appeared on the site and attracted 243 comments. Many fans heartily debated and speculated about what features Arma 4 would have, and when it would come out.

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Fans heartily speculated on Reddit about Arma 4

However, Korneel van 't Land, Brand and PR Manager of Bohemia Interactive, says that currently the company does not have any plans about an Arma sequel, although it would like to continue developing the series at some point in the future. Right now, the goal of the company is "to keep Arma 3 fresh and exciting for at least several more years."

van 't Land said he did not know what led Kanik to the impression that an Arma 4 was in development. "It’s too early even for us to tell when and in what form the Arma series would continue into the longer-term future. We can already say that we’re not expecting to announce a potential new Arma title in the next years," He said, "This timeline is also related to our goal of having all future Bohemia games run on the new Enfusion engine, which is still in development, and will take time to exceed the standards set by Arma 3 and meet future requirements. Right now we do have concrete plans for a significant amount of support for Arma 3 through a combination of official new content and hopefully third-party DLC content in at least the coming year, and most probably even years."

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Right now the developer is focusing on Arma 3

So, it is pretty clear that Arma fans will not be seeing Arma 4 for several more years.