Actually, not many movie tie-in games released after the success of that movie hit are reviewed as attractive for a try. Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, the “How to train your dragon” tie-in video game didn’t receive much attention at the time it's launching. However, this one has created a pleasant exception when it brings us puzzle-packed old school action game experience like Zelda style.


“How to train your dragon” tie-in video game was released in this February

The video game can be played on PC, Switch, Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4. It is not an adaptation of the film as a result of the 3rd installment of the How To Train Your Dragon film franchise. Climax Studios created a new set of adventure story happening within the world of HTTYD. Besides, the game developers designed not to let us play as one of the established roles in the series but take control a new character, named Scribbler – an amnesiac scholar along with Patch, a hybrid dragon. The mission of Scribbler and Patch is to restore missing memories of the new rider accompanied by Toothless, Hiccup, Astrid as well as some other the Isle of Berk’s champions, known as the brave bandit-infested islands.


The co-pair scholar Scribbler and dragon Patch in the game

With Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, the player will experience a role-playing video game similar to Zelda-style games such as A Link To The Past. The Scribbler and Patch together pass through many islands in HTTYD, battles with hunters and different challenges. The scholar Scribbler has knowledge somewhere about how to defeat, how to defense by dodging and getting out of danger or blocking the attackers’ blows via his shield, how to take foes down with a variety of weapons. Scribbler’s travel-mate, Patch is a young dragon helping Scribbler to fight against enemies by making use of his cold breath to freeze foes. Scribbler then is able to end the battle much easier when his attackers can’t move and stay still. The more Patch becomes mature, the more powerful and useful he is in a battle.


HTTYD islands in Dawn of New Riders video game

Dawn of New Riders is kind of puzzle-packed old school action game and the scholar uses his dragon Patch as a puzzle-solving solution. For instance, Scribbler has to go through an impenetrable area of water, Patch can be changed and freeze water into ice to make up a road. Bigger Patch is able to create breath with lightning, activate lockers or electricity machines as well as exploit new lands. After a long journey, overcoming many dangers, Scribble and Patch are handed down into dungeons. At that time, the pair can come apart in some challenges to find and activate switches or make the paths open. Their power is continuously growing along their travel.

We can find many familiar missions for players in this HTTYD tie-in game. Actually, it is not attractive because of its new features yet the classic ARPG mechanics seems to be made great advantages and satisfies players. The simple rule is always the best and this game is good evidence with its responsive combats as well as the challenging puzzles. We can see some crafting elements in this game like a mission is to gather materials for brewing potions or forging and upgrading supporting tools in the battles.


DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Dawn of New Riders is not really an awesome action role-playing video game compared to others. Instead of being fully voiced, the instruction and brief are done grunting. The adventure is quite short during around 6 or 7 hours. The mode of transportation for Scribble is dragon flight but why not making use this feature for battles in the air. The game would be more interesting.

However, despite those facts, Dawn of New Riders is still a recommendation for a younger audience, when it exceeds expectations for this kind of games. If you’re a big fan of How To Train Your Dragon movie and desire to live out that world, this game definitely worth a try.