They Are Billions - Quick introduction

They Are Billions is a colony-building steampunk survival/strategy game by Numantian Games. The game sets in a post-apocalyptic world that zombies have infested it all. Therefore, it involves players turtling to survive against swarming zombies in waves after waves.

They Are Billions
Numantian Games announced They Are Billions on May 30, 2017 and released it on December 13, 2017.

They Are Billions first appeared on Microsoft Windows and arrived as Steam’s Early Access back in December 2017. (wiki.) For now, the game is heading to Xbox One and PS4 this July through a popular name BlitWorks.

As an RTS title, there’s an available pause-and-ponder feature, alongside future supports on consoles, featuring keyboard and mouse controls.

Campaign mode heading to PC soon

They Are Billions
The post-apocalyptic real-time strategy survival game quickly rose to Steam top selling charts.

At the moment, the PC developer of They Are Billions, Numantian Games is doing the finishing touches to release a story-driven campaign for the game. In fact, this is an addition to the game from the Early Access players on Steam.

They Are Billions
A steampunk theme proved to be a highly success among the players.

The campaign’ name is The New Empire. It will arrive to PC on Jun 18th as a free update. In addition, that update would also introduce a few new Survival maps: The Deep Forest & The Caustic Lands. The Caustic Lands, as the hardest map in They Are Billions will truly test your wits and skills. Meanwhile,  The Deep Forest is here as a brand-new warmup map for the newcomers.

For now, let's take a look at the official trailer for They Are Billions - The New Empire.

In summary

All in all, it’s amazing to see many titles on PC are making their way towards multiple major platforms. For They Are Billions in particular, the Early Access is almost over and you’ll soon get to play the game on both PC and consoles.