The PlayStation 4 absolutely crushed the competition during the eighth generation of video game consoles. Jules wears hats, Rich plays Dark Souls, Josh is a walking can of hairspray, Ash is one of three people who still plays Evolve and I have arm hair that would make a gorilla jealous. Oh, I thought we were pointing out the obvious.
With almost 97 million units sold as of the time of recording, I’m gonna hazard a guess you’ve got a PS4 sitting under your TV right now, or you’re watching this very video on a PS4. Well, if you are one of those people, you might be sitting on a moderate goldmine. There are early 2,000 titles available for the PS4 nowaday

There are a lot of great PS4 titles now

With digital store becoming much more popular this generation, it’s not very often you’d be going from store to store trying to find a copy of whatever game you want because it's right there on the digital store, easy as pie. Sucks for collectors of rares games as it doesn’t happen so much now.

Now I didn’t say that it didn’t happen. With limited releases of cult titles to still-rare special editions, there are still things PS4 collectors are chasing after. In fact, you could be sitting on one of these right now. As the PS5 eventually releases, these prices might just go up. So bubble wrap it and put it under your pillow, you don’t want to be losing these video games.

Not making you wait any longer, below are the list of the 9 rarest and most valuable PS4 games you might be still owning .



Originally released for the 3DS and later ported to the Wii U, the metroidvania throwback as Xeodrifter found ít way to the PS4 in 2015 and eventually to the Switch last year. Even though it didn’t gain a huge amount of indie platformer attraction like what we see with titles such as Celeste and Dead Cells, it did garner enough attention to warrant a very limited physical run on PS4. 2,300 copies were produced and eventually it sold out. It might have taken a while to sell out but it didn’t take long for the PlayStation collectors to come prowling. Despite there being only a few thousand copies in existence and being about astronauts, Xeodrifter doesn’t fetch an astronomical price. It is technically one of the rarest on this list, but because of the critical and commercial reception also not being astronomical, you’d be looking at around 70 pounds (more than Rs 6100) for it. That money’s not going to get you to the moon, but it’s probably more than you bought it for nonetheless.


Gravity Rush 0 0

Everyone loves a good remastered, especially when it’s something rather niche being blasted back into the spotlight. When Gravity Rush Remastered was announced, it was intended to be a digital only title. However Sony eventually came to an agreement with Amazon to produce a unspecified number of physical copies, exclusive to Amazon. Even though not everyone knows of Gravity Rush, this Remastered copies sold out surprisingly quickly, though many copies ended up back on amazon through third-party sellers. Back in 2017 you’d be finding second-hand of the Remastered for upwards of 80 pounds (more than Rs 8000), so I dread how much one of these goes for sales. That was a while ago now but as the next-gen system service and Gravity Rush continues to gain respect in the gaming world, that price is surely going to increase.


Physical Edition

Move over Grand Theft Auto, Leisure Suit Larry and the jewels Guild Dating Sim 2019, one of the most controversial video game ever made is making a name for itself once more by actually being worth something. The full motion video puzzle game was revived to, I assume, everyone’s delight back in 2017 for its 25th anniversary. Originally pitched on Kickstarter back in 2014, the campaign failed spectacularly as it only raised about 10% of this quarter of a million pound goal. The title was picked up by a publisher in the end and 3,000 copies were produced and sent out to the wild. Even though no one seemed to give a deep-fried crap about this title when crowdfunding, the release suddenly got the collectors interested and now it’s rather sought after. A PS4 copy of Night Trap will fetch you about 80 pounds online, with copies barring the retro VHS cover either guarantee not 80 pounds (more than Rs 8000) or fetching you even more. If you can pry yourself away from those perky pixelated pillows, you might just get a little cash money for it.


Futuridium Ep Deluxe 20140930211144

Think synthwave Star Fox. Oh God Scott is scratching at the door. Futuridium is indie shoot-’em-up charm did indeed chum enough to mine a success. Nothing mid-blowing but folk did enjoy it during it initial digital run on PS4 and PSVita. Two years later the title really took off, warranting a 4000-copy physical release split between the PS4 and the PSVita. Suddenly the sales properly took off. The physical release sold out and became a collector’s item overnight. The game had more of a following than ever before since more people came to know of this stylish shooter. Limited only to one copy per customer, the physical addition on the reselling platforms is going for upwards of 100 pounds (more than Rs 8800). The game itself isn’t exactly something to write home about, but it didn’t stop the physical release getting collectors weak at the knees.

Number 5: STRAFE


A retro themed first-person shooter inspired by genre icon such as Doom and Quake, there is no surprise this title got people excited. Strafe was successfully funded on Kickstarter, reaching a total of just over $200,000, exceeding the goal of $185,096. Doubling down on the throwback approach with over excited 90s commercial style videos and their boasting of the best graphic designs of 1996, Strafe ended up with 2,000 physical PS4 produced to celebrate the titles for launch. These sold out pretty much instantly as the buzz was unbelievable due to the amount of word-of-mouth hype going around the gaming community. Strafe was received pretty well by players critics, making those physical purchases all that more worthwhile. Surprisingly, you’ll not be getting your hand on this new copy of this game anytime soon, at least physically. Used copies of the game are going for about 70 pounds (more than Rs 6100) but if you manage to land a variant cover copy of the game, you could get around 120 pounds (more than Rs 10500) for it.


Ps4 Retrocityrampagedx 02

Riffing on the trapping of old top-down games of yours, Retro City Rampage DX became an instant cult hit when released back in 2012. In dodging a late 80s and early 90s pop culture as well as into other indie titles, Retro City Rampage DX tapped into a nostalgic aesthetic sensibility that Hotline Miami unfortunately took all the credit for reviving at the same time. However, RC RDX still garnered some success and a moderate fanbase. When it came to a physical release, 3,300 copies were produced and much like Futuridium, was split between the PS4 and the Vita. This version took a little longer to shift than the other limited releases we’ve already talked about, but they did eventually sell out entirely. Second-hand copies can be found online for a hefty 130 pounds (nearly Rs 11500), with sealed copies setting you back upwards with 200 pounds (more than Rs 17500). For a 7-year-old title, it’s not doing too badly.


Gryphon Knight Epic

Picture this: a side-scrolling shoot-’em-up featuring a knight riding a gryphon through a medieval setting defeating his wants friends in a world twisted by an evil plot. Sign me, and the rest of the world, up. This sounds awesome! However, it didn’t set the world on fire with its relatively unique approach to the genre. It wasn’t that spellbinding on a technical level so it lost out to its aesthetic ambition. Now, in an age of Cuphead and ridiculously tight precision mechanics into the indie games, a pretty lacking title like Gryphon Knight Epic will be lost at time. In the players world, it sort of did. In the collectors world, not so much. Thanks to its middling reception, the physical release wasn’t huge. Only 999 PS4 copies were produced, but with that unique pull of riding a gryphon to victory across some rather beautiful levels was indeed enough to shift every copy. Even though the game isn’t that good, it’s become one of the most valuable PS4 titles, cropping up on second-hand storefronts only every few months or so. Prices are a bit all over the shop depending on who’s selling it and where you’re looking, but you’ll be definitely coughing up 150 pounds (more than Rs 13200) or more for a copy of an alright video game. Does that seem worth it?


Saturday Morning Rpg

Saturday Morning RPG, as the title suggests, takes inspiration from (you guessed it) - Saturday morning cartoons. As someone who spent the majority of his childhood learning to tap dance on Saturday mornings, I’m not overly familiar. Split into different episodes, this title gives you more control over combat compared to traditional Japanese RPGs, but it’s still a significant release for the genre. With a huge boom of interest in the West for the JRPGs, the physical release of Saturday Morning RPG was snapped up pretty darn quickly. Only 1980 copies were produced but they’re still cropping up on second-hand storefronts going for anywhere between 120 to 150 pounds (Rs 10575 to Rs 13200). Similar to a few indie titles mentioned, there was a physical Vita version produced for it. Even though there were more Vita copies produced compared to PS4 production, the Vita versions are more of a collector’s item. Vita copies are going for near 200 pounds (more than Rs 17500). Thanks to said successors JRPGs in the Western market, there was no surprise the Saturday Morning RPG did not stay under the radar.

And Number 1: P.T.


If you find this in a box, you will probably end up with a couple of hundred thousands for it. It is not likely though, as no physical edition was ever actually produced. You must have been living under a rock not to have heard of P.T. (and yeah that is a really big and heavy rock). Ah, fine, I will fill you in. Back in 2014 a free playable teaser, or P.T., was released on the PlayStation store. It was released as to gain interest for a new horror game coming soon to the platform. The gameplay itself was both horrifying and well-received, sparking a huge amount of excitement for the upcoming Silent Hill, the game that was announced at the end of the teaser. However Hideo Kojima and Konami were in a very "not good" relationship. After the release of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain the year after, Kojima and his team were let go from Konami and the Silent Hills project was cancelled. Konami quite violently shitted the bed with this one. Fan reception to the happenings were excruciatingly negative, and they were booed at the Game Awards when Konami legally barred Kojima from collecting awards for his own game and as well as all of this, P.T. was removed from the PlayStation store. Even if you’re on a license for the game by simply downloading it when you could, you can’t download it anymore. Thus having a PS4 console with P.T. still installed is the only way to own the game. Subsequently, systems with the title downloaded have been cropping up on Ebay ever since, with prices in the thousands dollars. It’s not known how many P.T. enabled systems have been sold as its removal in 2015, but if you’ve got a system under your TV with P.T. still installed and working, you could be in for a pretty penny, if you so wished.

PS4 consoles that have P.T. and still work can be sole up to more than $1000 dollars

And that’s my list. Are you sitting on any of these titles and are looking for a good deal? Any great and rare PS4 video games you think that it should be included in the list? If you have anything in the list, check out the price in the websites for second hand PS4 games now. If you can make some good cash by my knowledge from this article, I would love to have like 10% (just kidding).