Geneshift is available on Steam with a price of $10. For anyone who wished to try this game but still consider its price, there is a great deal for you. As long as you own a Steam account, you should download the game right now on Steam. The early-access title of this game is free for everyone, anytime from now until December 19th. You will be given a copy of the game that will valid forever.

Geneshift Free Download
This battle royale online game is free on Steam until December 19th

Geneshift is a battle royale game online at a rapid pace, based on the Grand Theft Auto 2. The rounds only last for two minutes, and players have just that to battle using their weapons like exploding cars, guns, or even the superhuman abilities such as invisibility. Players should use their powers wisely, base their own shelters and be the last one to survive.

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Be the last one to survive a 2-minute round and you win will this game

Anyway, do not get frustrated when you lose the game. Unlike other battle royale games, in Geneshift, death is not the end. After your death, you will become a zombie and get respawned if you can kill an enemy. If you can not, then go and find the features that can be used later in your next round.

Developer Nik Nak Studios revealed the reason why this game is free for the early comers: "I'm doing this to build a player base for our multiplayer community. I also just want to see people play my game--I've spent nine years on this thing and I'm really excited to get new players. So spread the word, tell your friends and hop on!"

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The developers hope to acquire a player base for the game

What is more, you can also download the "Complete Edition DLC" on Steam. For $7, you will get cosmetic items, five additional PvP modes, a single-player campaign, etc, what originally cost $10.