The Executioner is a rather unique idea, as it decided to go into one of the least accessible corners of the medium. How would it be like to be a “torturer” in a medieval setting? That’s the main question this game poses. Based on the contents included in the first chapter – “The Executioner” is definitely going to be a long and dark journey. After a few years in the making, the game has just been released on Steam with a new episode every three months.

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One of the quests would have you execute your own father

While classified as an RPG, there are not many action sequences inside this game. The gameplay more or less would be about making decisions and resource management. In The Executioner, players would have to manage the character's sanity and morals while dealing with the flesh of the dead. In this grimdark world, it is players' job to decide if their character should become wholly disconnected to the miseries of the world or not. Furthermore, there is an overarching story that would be the main topic of every episode in this game.

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A map of the town

The developers have combined elements of a traditional RPG with investigation, exploration, and decision-making. In this game, generally, you would have to torture out a confession from the person you are about to put to death.

Below is a video containing a few minutes of gameplay:

The game uses a simple text-based UI, and according to the Steam page, there are about 20 hours of gameplay to be experienced in The Executioner. In a later statement, lead writer Elena Sivakova also said that the main question that this series would ask would be hard to understand

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A gritty setting in which human life is cheap

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