Mods make the gaming experience more enriching that’s why today we have brought a whole list of some of the best-handpicked mods for Fallout 4. Modders have made excellent bug fixes, tweaks and even some have added content to the Bethesda’s 2015 post-apocalyptic game - Fallout 4.

Fallout 4

We have listed some of the best Fallout 4 mods for PC gamers for visual improvements, gameplay enhancements, weapons and gears.

1. Looks Mirror

You might have probably got bored by the character’s look, and in case you want to make some changes or tweak your character’s face after you have left your home at the initial point of Fallout 4 you can do so by visiting a plastic surgeon. With this mod, you get an option to change your character’s look by any of your settlements and also provides a mirror to your workshop just in case you don’t like your new look. You can just simply place the mirror on any wall of your settlement, and it will bring up a menu that would allow you to change your appearance.

Fallout 4 1

Download Link for Looks Mirror.

2. Better Settler

It may get boring after some time when you regularly see the same dressed and who look the same. It gets hard to tell these settlers apart without personally dressing up differently. With the help of this mod, you can add over 150 new settlers so you can see new people around you, giving you a fresh feeling. 

Better Settler

Download Link for Better Settler.

3. Faction Housing Overhaul 

The best thing about joining factions is that when you join them, you are given living quarters but the condition of the living quarters aren’t the type in which you would want to spend time. This mod turns your living quarters into a more aesthetics and spacious living quarters. Additional features are the workbenches, gym, decorations and storage space.

Faction Housing Overhaul

Download link for Faction Housing Overhaul

4. Conquest

Staying and spending most of your time in a particular settlement may get boring and repetitive. But with the help of this mod, you can create your settlement anywhere in the commonwealth. It also adds campsites which can be placed in any area of your choice, and in case you wish to change the campsite to a settlement that can be done too. This mod empowers you to build as many as ten campsites and settlements as well as the option to dismantle them.


Download link for Conquest. 

5. Rain of Brass

This mod makes the shell casing of your guns visible from a greater distance (approx 500 meters), and they even stay longer at the same place for about an hour. Though it may not sound like a significant change, it makes the game feel more real. As after a big fight the ground should be littered with a lot of shell casings, so now it will be littered with a lot of them and that too for an hour. To add more realism, you can also make use of the bullet impact decals lasting longer mod, so now even the damage done by the bullet and the bullet holes stay visible for a much longer time.

Rain Of Brass

Download Rain of Brass. 

6. Eat off the Floor

This mod may sound to be gross! But instead, it is a quite useful mod to save your time and make things easier. In Fallout 4 you need to pick the food then only you will be able to consume yet it isn’t easy as it may sound. When you pick food or beverage of the shelf, floor or table it instantly gets added to your inventory from there you need to open your backpack and then go through it find it amongst the other items and then consume it which indeed makes it a lengthy process. In contrast, ideally, you should be able to consume the item directly. To shorten this process, you can make use of this mod and then instantly consume it.

Eat Off The Floor

Download Eat off the Floor. 

Final Verdict

The mods listed are some of the favourites of the Fallout 4 PC Gamers and will surely enrich your Fallout 4 gaming experience as you can now customise the gameplay according to your needs. Yet, you want to enhance your gaming experience, even more, you can check out GadgetGangs list of best Fallout 4 mods for PC gamers. You will find more variety of mods in their list that you are going to fall in love with. 

Happy Playing!

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