Making their first appearance in Call of Duty: World at War ten years before, Zombies has been an integral part of the franchise ever since. Over the last decade, all the Call of Duty players has been continuously hunting for the Easter eggs that were cleverly hidden inside puzzles which range from a hunt for some songs to a storyline that spanned waves requiring a whole dedicated team to take care of.

The new maps for Zombies in CoD: Black Ops IV are, of course, no exception. The CoD fans community has slowly been trying to pick at all the maps through the last week. However, there still are mysteries hiding in each of the maps included with Black Ops IV – that includes even the remakes.

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This game is still filled with mysteries

Reading through the instructions on the way to finish the Easter eggs may lead to a lot of people having confusion. These instructions are on the same difficulty to read the level of those for the furniture of IKEA. However, this is just a common case for Easter eggs. They have been strange and obtuse since the dawn of time, and that is the reason they are so loved by the community.

The most dedicated fans have continuously trying to make interaction with glass bottles that are broken as well as shooting at random walls many years ago. However, Treyarch looks like it is learning a lot harder to the allure of Easter eggs being a feature in this game than any other games in the CoD franchise.

In Zombies, the game’s menu in-game offers the players hints on objectives as well as illustrates to them the distance from where they are to the completion of an objective. In addition, it can also simultaneously alert the players the moment they have successfully completed the objective. The Zombies’ map selection menu is now having a counter that can inform you the number of times you have completed this “main quest”. This looks like the new name in-game for this hunt for Easter eggs.

Black Ops 4 Brazen Bull Shield Jpg Optimal
Trying to complete the "main quest"

This seems to be one of the most interesting pushes for many more players getting experiences with the Easter eggs that were made by Treyarch. The puzzles will consume a whole lot of your time to solve though, even if you have a guide. However, on the other hand, this looks like the CoD team has begun to treat this mode as the series’ very own version of cooperative content for the end-game.

In these days, most of the players are used to joining hand together to solve any task that seems to be impossible. From the sole perspective of the puzzles, Zombies is having a vibe that is almost like a Destiny raid at the moment. After all, we have the real hunters for Easter eggs working really hard since the first day to make guides that help the rest of the player base to proceed.

For instances, there have been players spending hours going through every single corner of these two newest maps, Voyage of Despair and IX. In the IX map, the main objective is finding out a skull hidden in some temple and then smashing that skull with a specific type of weapon. Then the players have to get a multitude of ingredients, which involves feces from the belligerent audience of the Coliseum. After that, they have to transform them into fertilizer, charge the same fertilizer through killing opponents with a specific perk of weapon. After all of those things are completed, the player will be allowed to teleport to some alternate dimension and finish a shooting puzzle.

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The Voyage of Despair

That is only a part of these Easter eggs, things will only get a lot more complicated down the line. Figuring those steps took the community days of play time. At the moment, the quests of both the two maps are completed. However, they did cost the players quite a lot of serious testing as well as the banding together to be solved completely.

However, there are still more mysteries waiting to be discovered in every single map of this game. Both the new maps Voyage of Despair and IX have some secret weapons which can only be acquired by completing strange and vague tasks like poisoning the Mystery Box to obtain the Serket’s Kiss on IX. The sheer attention to detail that is needed to solve these obscure Easter eggs is just staggering. One must ask that how in the world did someone even managed to figure it out?

Zombies have been pursuing this kind of obscurity since a lot of games before. However, when it comes to it, Treyarch is still indeed the master. Ever since the very first CoD: Black Ops, fans of Zombies have been forced to join hand just to find out the Easter eggs in order to piece together this universe’s story.

More often than not, they do it for some reward like secret guns to survive easier. Sometimes, it is for a part in the back, a trophy, or an achievement. However, there are cases where they solve these puzzles simply because it is worth it to see the completion. There is also the bragging rights for the first-day adopters.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Blood Of The Dead
From an Easter egg, now a full-on mode

Treyarch is currently encouraging players with direct information and visible stats. This ties to the Zombies scope being broadened. This is a pursuit which should involve both casual and hardcore Zombies fans.

It is obvious that the Zombies mode’s actual storyline has been told by the Easter eggs. If you are having trouble believing this statement, you can watch the video below. It may not be easy for you to understand it, but the Zombies series definitely happens in a line.

The Entire Call of Duty Zombies Storyline Explained (Before Black Ops 4)

Zombies have an undoubtedly long lineage. It has also evolved over this decade significantly. The Easter egg of the old days has exploded and became a full-on mode with a very complex system of progression.

In case you want to join in the hunt for Easter eggs, the subreddit for Zombies is still quite active with many players still trying to solve the mysteries.