Run 'n' Gun Blazing Chrome

We will soon receive Blazing Chrome a new shooting arcade game from indie developer Joymasher. Blazing Chrome is expected to be released in the very near future for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC. Like just a few days ago, the publisher of the game- The Arcade Crew has revealed a new video trailer which tells us pretty much all about this new game.

As you can see the trailer video below. You will recognize right away the classic gameplay of game such as Midnight Resistance, Contra, and Metal Slug. Also as we could see from the trailer, the game will pretty much a cathartic and intense experience. Furthermore, it will also have the features of those famous action game titles of last year.

Let's fight the machine

In the gaming world of Blazing Chrome, the world is ruled by robots. There is only some small group of human survivors who are also on the edge of disappearing.  In this world, humans have to ensure their low status, power, and prestige against the high and mighty circuits and metal machines lords. You will be playing as the hero who is in charge of regaining freedom for mankind by fighting with the machine lords.

Blazing Chrome New Action Arcade Game From Joymash

The main plot of Blazing Chrome

The Earth was taken by the army of a robot controlled by powerful AI. All humans became not essential to these new lords of Earth. Many human survivors have to hide underground to avoid robot hunters on the surface. They organize many small rebel group to fight against the robot. One of these groups happened to get intel about a huge AI power plant.

However, the robot found out about that and raid the rebel camps before the rebel could attack. However, some escaped and decide to go on suicide attack to destroy the AI plant. You will have 2 choices of character, as Marva - an amazing human rebel. Or as Doyle a deadly and groovy rebel robot.  This mission will get you through many casualties and fast-paced actions where you will kick many robots asses with huge armors, hoverbikes, and tons of kick-ass weapons.

Blazing Chrome New Action Arcade Game From Joymash
Marva and Doyle