The stage of Microsoft's recent X019 event has welcomed Rahni Tucker, the Creative Director at Ninja Theory for the Bleeding Edge project, to talk about the upcoming release of the game. And according to Rahni himself, the game will be released for Xbox One and PC on March 24, 2020. Along with that is a really cool-looking trailer that got revealed during the event.

You can take a look at the trailer on the video below:

Along with that, there is a closed beta test phase for the game, which will begin on February 14th, 2020 (which is around one month early from the release date). All the gamers who pre-ordered the game will be able to join this beta test, too. Along with that, they can also receive a cosmetic DLC pack called 'Punk Pack'. This DLC will feature some skins for the characters, as well as weapons and items.

Bleeding Edge Alpha Release Date 4v4 Multiplayer C
The concept art for the game

Set in a futuristic cyberpunk world, the core gameplay of Bleeding Edge rewards cooperative playstyle - because you can not win on your own in those kinds of games. The playable fighters can be customized to further fit with each players' playstyle, as well as to be more suitable in the teamplay aspect. From what revealed just far, my guess is that this game's playable characters are not anchored in any pre-designed role like attackers or supports, instead, the choice of which role on the team will be determined by the player's playstyle.

Bleeding Edge Gameplay Reveal Trailer E3 2019 0 11
A screenshot from the trailer

A feature that is promised to be available when the game is released, is the training 'Dojo' mode - where players can test out character's control, builds, and skills against AI. This feature is accessible while you're offline, as well as when you are finding matches.

Bleeding Edge will be available on PC and Xbox One on  March 24th, 2020.