Amrita Ahuja has been the CFO of Blizzard for nearly one year, but she is about to leave her position. She is about to join the Square, a mobile payment company.

Amrita Ahuja is moving to another company

Last week, another CFO also changed their company. As revealed by DualShockers, Spencer Neumann, the CFO of Activision retired and accepted his new job at Netflix. To be fair, it is not a rare case. Just like the game of Duck, Duck, Goose, the beginning of every year is the season for renovation when companies usually hire new executives. They actually hire other big firm’s high-level employees, and this trading is so common that spring is starting to become a hiring season.

Blizzard witness major changes recently

This change, after all, does not mean a critical change for Blizzard. It is more of a challenge, however, for Square. Since the announcement of Sarah Friary, the former CFO, that she would leave the company in October 2018, the stock price of Square felt dramatically for about 30 percent.

The leaving of Ahuja was not expected for Blizzard. Earlier this year, the company announced the publication of Diable Immortal on mobile, then later it revealed the intention of building a broader mobile initiative where Diable Immortal is just a small part of.

The mobile version Diablo Immortal is released

Besides, Jason Schreier from Kotaku also shown a report saying that Blizzard initially intended to build Diablo 4 as an action-RPG. The company, however, choose to be on the safe side and stick to the original. Shifting to the mobile sector, canceling Diablo project, changing the developers of Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard seems to be holding a very unpredictable future.