At the time of its reveal, Blizzard said that in addition to the visual and technical overhaul, they are going to change Warcraft 3 according to the events in World of Warcraft to smooth out the lore. However, this statement is no longer valid. According to a statement at BlizzCon 2019 by Robert Bridenbecker, Executive Producer at Blizzard, the aforementioned retcon is not going to happen.

Warcraft Iii Reforged Human Vs Orc 0
All the models are remade with astounding levels of detail

While they have already hired Christie Golden, one of the current writers of Warcraft lore, to work on bringing parity and ties the end of the game to World of Warcraft, the plan was canned after a lot of community feedback. According to fans, the story that was told in Warcraft 3 and its expansion is great “as is” and “do not fix something that’s not broken”.

All the textures are improved, as Warcraft 3 Reforged was built using StarCraft II's engine

According to Blizzard, the decision about scrapping the retconning plan was just a normal part of the development cycle. They want to make the remastered version just like what everyone wanted it to be, just Warcraft 3, upgraded to 2019 standards. They definitely have succeeded in doing so, as based on all the fan reactions to the trailers. The reforged version would bring back one of the most famous RTS titles of yesteryear back to the front and center again, with custom mods support and a world edit system so that players could go wild.

Warcraft Iii Remastered
Still aerily similar to the original game

The Reforged version of Warcraft 3 is currently in multiplayer beta testing. Players who have preordered the game would get to try it first, with humans and orcs available on 1v1 and 2v2 maps. The next open beta, which contains undead and night elves, is going to be the next in line after Blizzard completed the infrastructure for multiplayer.

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