In a recent announcement, Blizzard has revealed the release date for Warcraft 3 Reforged, the remastered version of classic real-time strategy Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, Frozen Throne. The game will be released on PC on Jan 28, 2020.

The company has also revealed some details about the delay. While they have been working on this game for quite a while, there were complicated problems arise at the finish line that they have to postpone the release to apply yet another layer of polish. As the game is rather dated, remastering it took more time than what they expected.

The models of every asset of the game are remastered, with World of Warcraft's designs in mind

All seven campaigns from the original game are remade fully, with new character models, texture and voice over. Multiplayer would get rebalanced, with various balance changes and quality of life updates such as matchmaking and social connect features. There would also be several new custom modes to pick from along with a brand new World Editor. The previous custom maps can also be loaded in the new engine as well – you should be able to play them without much problem (there might be occasional bugs here and there, however).

Old custom maps would be compatible with the new version

There would be various bonuses for people who order the special version of the game, and people who play other games from Blizzard. These bonuses are mostly cosmetic icons and skins. The game would be available for purchase on Blizzard's Battlenet.

The bonuses gained if you play Blizzard's other games

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