There's not much Borderlands 3 can hide from us, especially when it was recently featured by Gearbox recently.

At PAX East 2019 in Boston, Gearbox announced its trailer which consists of lots of information that we can learn, from which characters will be featured to new places to discover and even the huge guns collection that always charms us. There will be even more details leaked on April 3rd according to Gearbox. But for now, all we can do is excitingly discover the trailer, right below.

When will be Borderlands 3 officially released?

Until now, there's no official confirmation about the launch date of the game yet. However, according to recent earnings call from Take-Two Interactive who owns 2K, it is possible that the game won't be released later than this fall. Some Redditors even come up with the idea that the release date is hidden in the trailer, saying that it is October 1st. We hope this will be discussed and announced by Gearbox as soon as April 3rd.

A new teaser was also released

A teaser called "Mask of Mayhem" was also released along with the trailer by Gearbox to make us even more excited. But even if you can see a glimpse of Handsome Jack's mask, it's probably just a joke as confirmed by Randy Pitchford at PAX. Handsome Jack is gone for good.

The mysterious Vault Hunters

Amara Borderlands 3
Amara with her terrifying arms.

We have leaks, we have a teaser about the new type of characters that is playable, and now we are about to see them for real. Gearbox hasn't affirmed the names so we will just call them like these for now.

There are many characters with distinct abilities and appearances such as slick Zane, or magical Amara who is a tough Siren, a soldier equipped with hi-tech weapons called Moze. The most exciting thing is that all of them have a lot of cool guns too.

Being a Siren, Amara possesses magic. She can call out many magical arms which might grant her a ground pound skill as per the leak. Also from that leak, we can clearly see Moze summons mechs, yet it is unknown if he can let other characters use them.

The other known characters

It seems like Borderlands 3 will be a big party, with many familiar characters being featured, including returning Vault Hunters like Lilith, Brick, Zer0, Maya, and Mordecai. We can also see Rhys, who has now grown a mustache. Many old NPCs will be showcased, including Claptrap, Sir Hammerlock, Ellie, Marcus, and Tina. Randy Pitchford also mentioned the appearance of Mad Moxxi.

Borderlands 2 likewise included a lot of characters in the primary entry, so this is not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone's mind, yet it feels like Gearbox is endeavoring to unite everybody for a huge climax of the series.

About the villains

Calypso Twins
The Calypso Twins.

We can see a little bit of the Calypso Twins from the teaser, but it is finally confirmed by the trailer that they will be among the biggest bad guys of Borderlands 3, alongside many other humans, robots, and aliens.

And in a scene we can see both of them stand and watch Lilith as she creeps to something, seeming entirely crushed. Notice that Lilith doesn't have her tattoos in the scene, and throughout the trailer, there are many other Sirens. If there's something to guess, it's likely that the Calypso Twins are trying to get the powerful magic of the Sirens, and the loss of the tattoos of Lilith can further prove this as her power can be stolen by the woman.

The evil twins appear with a bunch of hideous creatures, including mechs, beasts, mutants, and psychos alike. Those terrible creatures like the varkids and ugly monsters can be great obstacles for the characters.

Where the game is set in

Planet Pandora

While a large portion of the trailer is determined to what resembles Pandora, the game won't limit us there. Beforehand, the farthest away we've been is its moon, yet this time we'll be hitting up altogether new planets.

This is Borderland and we still expect some perilous lands, but there will be some good-looking metropolis also.

The city could be a fascinating chance to get familiar with more about the terrible enterprises that are behind everything, similar to Atlas. Rhys has the certificate from Atlas that apparently gave him ownership of the organization in Tales during the first entry, and he's remaining over the Atlas logo so expect that this is where you meet him.

There are even some types of cult happening if you notice the sound in the trailers' background. There are a lot of calls, something about the Calysos' purposes, like "Answer Calypso call' and many others.

Does Claptrap belong to the good or bad side?

Possibly both.

What can we expect from the weapons in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 Gun

Of course, there will be a zillion of guns, which is both fascinating and terrifying. Borderlands 3 should feature a whole lot of weapons, apparently with heaps of haphazardly produced properties and astonishments. Since taking a gander at a Borderlands weapon doesn't generally reveal to you what abnormal stuff it can do (Does it detonate? Shoot toxic? Or fire to burn your enemies?), a large portion of the firearms should remain a riddle, however, you can anticipate heaps of deadly hits and blasts. A gun which can freeze enemy could be a great idea, but other toys are also welcome as long as they are fun and deadly.

Some other minor details revealed at the con.

Pitchford confirmed at the con while speaking to an audience that 90% of the staff at Gearbox is currently developing a project that we want them to work on. While it hardly is Colonial Marines 2, the only project left is no doubt Borderlands 3.

They will give us 4K packs for Borderlands 2 along with The Pre Sequel, for free.

Some significant roles of the staff in Gearbox had left the studio, including Mikey Neumann due to a health issue, Anthony Burch, who led writing the previous entry. David Eddings, who voiced Claptrap, make a big jump to another studio.