Breach is the very first product of a new studio called QC Games, which consists of many EA and Bioware veterans. What it is up to is to create a game that has the quick rate of Devil May Cry-like games and a form with inspiration from MMO-lite. There is a unique feature though. When you are on a mission, other players in the game can lay traps and become the boss that you must defeat.

Breach Gameplay 2
Breach features fast-paced combats

When you first start off, there are not many choices when it comes to classes but as you progress and pay out the in-game money, the range gets wider. As with other freemium games, if you are willing to pay, you can have new heroes and other items that will definitely become handy in the game. However, according to Gabe Amatangelo, a designer of the studio, players can never ever buy their way to victory.

Players who have experienced Breach reported that although the game does have rapid combat, but in the essence, it is still an arena brawler that shares some common features with MOBA. The game sports the kind of combat that is quintessential to Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. However, the stagnant movement is one of this game’s drawbacks whether the characters are controlled by a real player or AI, which is one aspect that does not meet what the studio desires.

The game does have a storyline

There is one thing you can count on in Breach, which is the flexibility. The game allows you to be boss monster, the smaller bosses, the minions, and even the boss demon. That is not all. Besides taking control of the characters, players can actually set up traps which range from poisonous gas to spikes, as well as all kinds of special skills.

Amatangelo said that the studio wanted to create a game with a storyline but that story cannot hinder the actual gameplay in any way, which turns out to be the thing QC has been successful at. The story in question shows itself most obviously in the tutorial and the story mission. Other than that, players can totally play the game without any problem not knowing that there is a story tied to it. The game does have a narrative to explain what is happening and cutscene but they run while you are busy playing so most of the time, you will not notice them. Breach lacks campaign but its missions can totally make up for that. If you are curious about the story, pay attention to the voice over that tells players the details.

The setting is quite unique

The studio does not want the story to attract much notice of players but it is not because they made a lousy one, in fact, what they came up with is pretty appealing. The story is about a league of Immortals whose mission was to save humankind. However, when they saw how we truly were, they had a change of heart. Instead of protecting us, they opened a gateway to connect two worlds, one was ours and the other was where we thought only exist in our imagination. Their action pushed mankind to the verge of extinction. The creatures from the other side of the veil roam our planet and only leave a number of survivors, who happen to be magicians. They started training to defend humankind from the near-apocalypse.

Breach boasts a unique setting, which is the mixture of actual landmarks with the imaginative landscape of the underworld with gruesome creatures. To make things clearer, what this game has may remind you of The Secret World.

While the setting is definitely a plus, the structure of the game is a bit repetitive. You will notice the same motifs like defeating all the enemies in a room within a fixed time frame repeat itself in many missions. With each mission accomplished, you are entitled to an upgrade, but if you fail, the other side gets the upgrade instead of you. It has its own fun aspect but lacks a sense of depth.

Breach makes you feel like it is both a ruthless step and a safe choice at the same time. The support it gets before launching may make or break it but as it is free to play, there is no reason to ignore Breach.