Want to know what it is like to have the control of a whole Maximum Security Prison? It's definitely not as easy as just yelling at prisoners and telling them what to do.

Build a Maximum Security Prison on your own to welcome new prisoners who are coming to your cells every day. But the real fun actually begins when all of them have gotten a place to stay in your prisons.

Firstly, in order to supply basic needs, you need buildings such as a canteen, infirmary, a toilet, a guard room. Next, you will need a workout area so the prisoners won't do the workout on each other. But there will be fights between them anyway and that why you are going to need solitary confinement cells to punish those who won't obey and break the rules. If things get serious, you might even need to use an execution chamber.

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You have to take care of different aspects of prisoners' life

The solo campaign has 5 chapters, each focusing on one different character which shows players the life in modern prisons with all the corruption and misery.

The game also features an escape mode that you will play as a prisoner who is trying to escape the hell in prisons. You can dig a tunnel to get out or steal weapons from the armory to start a riot. It's all up to you. If you feel like your own prison is not very challenging then you can download a prison from a pool of more than 12,000 prisons created by other players and try to escape.

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You must stop prisoners from Rioting at all cost

In the latest expansion Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition, the developer added tons of new behavior that make prisoners unpredictable along with new gameplay mechanics to give players new experiences.

Prison Architect is now available for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) for $29.99. As for the expansion, you will have to buy it separately as a DLC.