CD Projekt recently had some controversy with overworking the already hard-working employees. But other than that, the Polish video game developer and publisher continues to be a stellar name in the industry.

cd projekt
CDPR has made leaps and bounds in terms of growth

When major labels like EA, Activision, Bethesda, etc. keep running into negative player feedback and squeezing the players' wallets, CD Projekt just keeps on making excellent games without nickel-and-diming the players for all they got. As a result, they are one of the developers that truly stand out.

And there are only two simple reasons that explain their success without dipping into greed. And the reasons are maintaining independence and focusing on the gamers.


Even though the employees have had to work hard to get Cyberpunk 2077 out on time, CD Projekt maintains its own creative and independent way of doing things. CD Projekt devs enjoy playing and are fans of video games, including the games they make. Thus, they have been able to put in gameplay features that clearly reflect players' interests.

witcher cyberpunk
The level of detail and quality reflect how much the devs care about their games

Writer Jason Schreier in his book 'Blood, Sweat, And Pixels' tells of the level of meticulousness that CD Projekt divisions have in delivering the final Witcher 3 product. He mentions how the devs were passionate about making sure the game would stand out and reflect the hard work that has been put in.

"Even during the development of The Witcher 3, the team at CD Projekt Red thought of themselves as rebels, not just because they were competing against so many bigger, more experienced companies, but because they made decisions that they didn't think other people would make," writes Schreier.

Focus on gamers themselves

CD Projekt started a small studio even if it is now the second-biggest video game company in Europe. The company stays true to its roots of being a project of two Polish video game enthusiasts and understands what the players need.

witcher 3 dlcs
All the content released for Witcher 3 shows how CDPR cares about gaming experience

The Witcher 3, for example, is chock full of features that any player wants. A long, engrossing storyline with highly-detailed and expansive open-world environments. The game can last up for hundreds of hours and the DLCs add even more quality gameplay time to that.

CD Projekt has also gone on to become its own publisher, which allows the company to maintain an independent way of doing things. But most importantly, this allows the company to make the games as the players would like them, without filtering them through corporate noise and profit-maximizing inputs.

witcher cyberpunk
CD Projekt keeps growing fast and there's no break that can halt their momentum right now

The future of CD Projekt and its own internal studios can only get brighter from here. Maybe one day the good run might end, but it would certainly a run we can all treasure.