Apex Legends is an FPS battle royale game launched in early February. It caught a massive amount of attention from players and dominated Twitch in the first month. However, the game couldn't sustain its success and started to see a drop in the number of players over time.

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The game couldn't sustain its success for a long time.

FACEIT Pro series: Apex Legends is the first official tournament of Apex Legends licensed by Respawn Entertainment and EA Games. The prize pool is $50k USD (Rs 34.7 lakh) with a total of 16 teams.

The tournament was going well, the viewership was increasing steadily. The matches were wonderful with some astounding actions and the incredible 1v1 between 2 teams Counter Logic Gaming’s Nokokopuffs and TSM’s Albralelie. Everything was going smoothly until SKT T1 ran into a cheater using aimbot.

SKT T1 got the 4th place at the end of the day only because of a cheater called lucliner destroyed their whole team. The match was coming to an end with only 2 squads left. The casters noticed something was off about the damage dealt by a member of the other team. Kurt only peeked for a second and somehow his gold armor was vanished by the opponent, which is impossible in such scenarios. While Kurt is recharging his shields, his two teammates were taken down quickly by the same player and eventually, Kurt was killed too. SKT T1 got $500 for the 4th position in the first week.

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Kurt twitter post

The Faceit Apex Legends Pro Series Tournament is played in public matches which is the reason why cheaters could join and disrupt the outcome. Cheating has been a huge problem in Apex Legends ever since its launch. Up until now, 770,000 players have been banned for cheating along with 300,000 account registrations blocked.

Apex Legends Cheaters Banned
Up to 770,000 cheaters were banned

Both FACEIT and Respawn Entertainment haven't made any statement toward this incident yet.