3 hours playtime cap

As of this moment, there are many Chinese players who are being punished for playing their favorite game - Fortnite for more than 3 hours. We have gathered this information from a Reddit post recently.

China Is Punishing Its Fortnite Players For Playin
Chinese Fortnite

After the punishment of 3 hours off the game, players then could access the game again. But then they will disable the challenges and decrease the gaming experience gaining rate which will make the game much more different for you.

On a Fortnite subreddit, a screenshot shows us a message from Fortnite to players saying - exp rate dropped 50 percent and challenges disabled- in Mandarin, of course. There is also another message about taking rest and arrange study time.

Reactions from players

There have been many opinions around this new development. They also wonder that with this new regulation could Chinese players will be able to reach the 100th tier before this season ends or not. At the normal pace Chinese players have already struggled, and now without all of that precious experience and the help of challenges - how will they pull it off?

China Is Punishing Its Fortnite Players For Playin
Chinese Fortnite

It seems like there are two forced options for Chinese players. First is to reduce their normal playing time. Second is to ignore this regulation and grind at double pace to make up for the reduced earnings. In case that you are a dedicated player of Fortnite, I bet you will just ignore the 3 hours cap and just continue to play the game. Then the pop-up notification could make players spend even longer time on Fortnite.

From U/SauCe-lol - a Chinese Reddit user said that this is a bullshit system that the government has decided upon. If you want to play games in China, you must link the game to your ID card, and if you are under 18-year-olds they limit your playtime each day.

Will it really help?

This new regulation is like a test not for just Fortnite but all the video games. It is quite a worrying trend for the growing Chinese e-sports industry which seems like totally outdated and counter-productive.