The developer Storm in a Teacup is excited to announce the consoles version for their horror-adventure title: Close to the Sun. The experiment ship of Nikola Tesla is coming to us next month!

To celebrate this announcement, the developer also released a trailer comparing the graphics of the game on different consoles. From my observation, the PlayStation 4 Pro will bring the most beautiful experience. You can watch it right here:

The story of Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun takes place in a fictional world, in which the notorious inventor Nikola Tesla has succeeded to realize his vision and change the world. It was 1897, as Tesla has made a huge vessel named Helios - a place for scientific research.

Close To The Sun Consoles Versions Launch October
The golden statue of Nikola Tesla

In case you might not know, Helios is the name of the God of Sun in Ancient Greek myth. Hence, naming the ship Helios portrays the aim of Tesla to get closer to the sun. It's an independent place, heaven for researches, separated from the state and the observation of the society.

However, it seems the scenario in the ship is very far away from its mission. Stepping in the shoes of a journalist - Rose Archer, you'll find out that there's nothing as such "scientific research". In fact, it's now full or horror and secrets, with absolutely no people here but smells of the rotting flesh. On the entrance into the ship painted a huge single word: QUARANTINE!

Close To The Sun Consoles Versions Launch October
The ship is now full of rotten dead bodies

Rose gets there to find her sister - Ada, so she would not stop there. What has happened to Ada?

Gameplay features

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Close to the Sun features an eerie detailed landscape. You'll experience Rose's adventure on Helios through your own eyes, and use your wisdom to get clues on the things happened to the vessel.

Close To The Sun Consoles Versions Launch October
You'll play the game through the first-person perspective

Apart from the narrative, you'll have to solve a bunch of challenging puzzles as well. Doing so, you can unlock some secrets areas, which haves some items that unveil the history and the secrets of Tesla's ship.

Close To The Sun Consoles Versions Launch October
Solve puzzles to unveil the mystery

Close to the Sun will come to PC in 2020 on an unknown date. Consoles users are much luckier, as they can grab this game both physically and digitally on October 29. There is also a limited premium physical version named "Collector's Editions", which consists of a lot of goods. They are a vinyl disc of the game's theme, a letter that Ada sent to Rose, an artbook, a metal pin badge and 2 copies of the game - one digital and one physical.

Close To The Sun Consoles Versions Launch October
The Limited Collector's Editions of Close to the Sun

The publisher Wired Production only planned to make 1,000 copies of this edition, so don't expect its price to be low. All of those goodies will be packed in a $98.66 package, but it includes two copies, so it's quite reasonable.

Close To The Sun Consoles Versions Launch October
Will you pay nearly $100 for this version?

Close to the Sun will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.