Back in E3, we're very surprised at Phil Spencer's reveals of CrossfireX - an insanely popular first-person shooter coming exclusively for Xbox One. We thought that it was a joke at that time, but Phil has proved that he's the man of his words. In X019, Microsoft was very excited to announce that CrossfireX will be available for Xbox One very soon!

Together with this announcement, it also gave us a reveal trailer of the game as well, and it's freaking beautiful! I don't know why they named this gameplay teaser "Black Widow", but I'm not complaining either.

You can have a look at the trailer below:

About CrossfireX

CrossfireX is the brainchild of three phenomenal teams - Smilegate Entertainment - the independent developer in Seoul who has spent decades to craft incredible multiplayer FPS game for the Crossfire franchise; Remedy Entertainment - the narrative expert from Finland that has blown the soul winds to many great titles such as Alan Wake and Control, and of course - Xbox - the one helping those developers bringing their masterpiece to Microsoft's console.

Crossfirex Xbox One Announced 4
CrossfireX is the result of joint efforts of Slimegate Entertainment, Remedy, and Xbox

From those names, you can already guess what's good with CrossfireX. Continuing the familiar concept of the Crossfire - the multiplayer shooter that has attracted 650 million gamers to register, CrossfireX will still follow the intense gunfire of two opposing sides: The Global Risk and the Black List.

Crossfirex Xbox One Announced 3
Continues the hype of Crossfire with a brand new single-player campaign mode

To be more specific, the Global Risk is the veteran soldiers armed carefully with modern technology, fighting to protect the world's peace and security. On the other side, Black List is a group of mercenaries that has decent experience with tactical fights, wield their guns to turn over oppressive authorities for freedom. You'll choose to control a soldier from either side and complete the mission in a variety of game modes, which are full of intensive battles.

Key features

Apart from the multiplayer competitive battles that have appeared in the original CrossFire game, the trailer for this reveal has showcased the single-player campaign mode of CrossfireX. That's the parts that Remedy has shined with their previous title, and they're very likely to continue to do the same with this game.

To be more specific, there were rumors that Remedy involved in the progress of making CrossfireX since 2016, however, not until this year did we knows something about this game. The single-campaign mode, like its tactical multiplayer mode, will take place in the first-person perspective.

Crossfirex Xbox One Announced 1
Do you see this place familiar?

You'll walk through the whole campaign of either the Global Risk or the Black List. Remedy has highlighted that it's not the story of the good and the evil. Instead, it's the unavoidable battle of the two opposing sides that brings the elements of 'grey morality'. It's just about who wins the matches after all!

You can see what's special about CrossfireX's gameplay in the trailer above. Overall, it's just another mode where you're not stuck in a closed battleground, but will travel through places and complete your mission's objectives there.

Crossfirex Xbox One Announced 5
This mode will also take place in the first-person perspective

It's primarily known for its Counter-Strike-like competitive multiplayer mode, pitting teams of players - representing one of two mercenary corporations, either Black List or Global Risk - against each other in a race to complete various objective-based scenarios. The special things about this new game are its gorgeous cinematic graphics powered by Unreal Engine and intense gameplay.

CrossfireX is coming for Xbox One on an unspecified date in 2020. Stay tuned to Gurugamer for the future's update.