Fan of the retro RPG named Cthulhu Saves The World would be delighted to hear this news, since the developer of that game, Zeboyd Games, has announced a sequel: Cthulhu Saves Christmas. The company is famous for the original release of Cthulhu and a sci-fi themed action game Cosmic Star Heroine

Save the world along with your wacky sidekicks

Based on the information available on the developer’s official website, Santa Claus has been kidnapped by The League of Christmas Evil, in order to ruin the holiday for everyone. However, Cthulhu and his perky friends are on the case, with Snow Maiden, Belsnickel and Baba Yaga-chan assisting him in fighting through the waves of enemies.

The developer, Zeboyd Games has announced an incoming trailer and disclosed more details about the game. Cthulhu Saves Christmas is going to be released in 2020.

537651 Cthulhu Saves The World Windows Screenshot
The main character is very attractive

Here are some more details about the release:

The master of chaos, Cthulhu was planning to invade the real world with his insanity and depravity when his powers were locked away by a mysterious entity. And there is a twist: In order to remove the curse, he has to become a true hero. After that, Cthulhu assembled his friends and went on an epic RPG adventure.

Key aspects of the game that might appeal to quite a few gamers:

Old school RPG style with up to date level designs

Curse your enemies with insanity and dementia for fun!

Cth Cave 1280
Old school style gameplay

6-10 hours for an average run with a lot of replayability – multiple difficulty levels and game modes, such as:

Highlander mode – One character mode with quadruple the XP gain

Score Attack mode – low-level run, you have to try to defeat the boss with the lowest level possible

Overkill mode – experience everything at max level right from the start

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Kill everything at max level right from the start

Cthulhu's Angels mode – a completely new experience with new characters and dialogues.... and even new bosses.

Every great feature from previous games of Zeboyd, like fast-paced gameplay, random encounters, attack combo system, branching level-ups and a lot more.