If you want to celebrate a happy Halloween but don’t want it to be costly, you should join Halloween events on your PC games. Every year, when Halloween comes, game publishers will release some events with plenty of trick-or-treat moments. It is also a time for you to earn limited items. Those events often end several days after 31st October, therefore, you should hurry up to enjoy some haunting time.

Here are some events this year and this list will be updated until Wednesday.

  1. Vermintide 2

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The Geheimnisnacht started on 29th October and will end on 4th October. Geheimnisnacht is the night that both Mannslieb and Morrslieb are full in the sky. In addition, Night Mode is also activated with the green dim light from the moon. Besides, remember to go to the Taal's Horn Keep because it is decorated in Halloween styles and if you complete new quests, you will be allowed to go to the trophy room in Taal's Horn Keep as well as gain a new portrait frame.

  1. Fortnite

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Fornite is a fun shooting game but in Halloween, it is scary instead. For no reason, a mystery Cube has wakened bloodthirsty monsters in cursed areas and the game became a PvE battle royal game. What an interesting event!. During an event, there is also new limited weapons like Fiend Hunter Crossbow or new missions like dancing for a gargoyle to get a spooky skin.

  1. Rainbox Six Siege

This first-person shooting game will bring you the experience of going into a haunting house with Halloween decorations. New skins are also created for 10 operators and wonderfully, Halloween cosmetics from last year are also available. Moreover, you can get a free Crimsonveil Collection pack only by logging in the game during the event and you can receive more if you complete the Club missions. Although this event will end on 31st October, you can still earn packs till 5th November.

  1. PUBG

You can celebrate PUBG's Survival Squad of Horrors event now with new scary costumes like a haunted nurse, a mummy, a killer crown or a maniac butcher. All of them are in-game items which can be bought by BP.

  1. Overwatch

Overwatch’s Halloween event this year is Overwatch's Halloween Terror which started on 9th October and will end on Halloween day. This a good chance for you unlock new items include six legendary skins, highlight intros and Halloween emotes. You can also buy Halloween Loot Boxes filled with new skins, highlights, avatars, sprays, emotes, voice lines and more. Moreover, it is possible to buy Halloween items from last year with a deep discount.

  1. World of Warcraft

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The Halloween party will not complete if WoW doesn’t participate in. The Hallow’s end this year last for 2 weeks, from 18th October to 1st November. It's time to collect candy, rewards, masks and other Halloween items. In addition, Headless Horseman's Hearthstone also returned for this year with many new quests, pets, and bosses.

  1. Rocket League

Started from 15th October, Haunted Hallows’ mission is to earn as many as possible “candy corn” to compete in Online Matches in order to exchange new items included: Limited’ Decals, Wheels, Toppers and others. On the other hand, Candy Corns are also used to redeem Golden Pumpkin, which has customization things from the Turbo and the Nitro or Player’s Choice Crates. If you are afraid of not having enough time, don’t worry because the Candy Corn mission will expire on 8th October instead of 5th October like Haunted Hallow.

  1. Ring of Elysium

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You can get a Pumpkin hat and a Halloween crate during the Halloweek (from 29th October to 4th November). There is also a fun mission by killing a target person in the first 10 minutes of the game to earn more crates by update new from the publisher's official twitter.

  1. Hitman 2

Although Hitman 2 is going to be released on 13th October, and when it is over, players can still have a happy Halloween because they will all get the items pack for free in any version. Now, Agent 47 can hide under the sinister scarecrow suit and hunt for his targets

  1. Two Point Hospital

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Besides the haunting music, Two Point Studios also add some Halloween items to the game like bats, pumpkins and cauldron. A new disease called 'Frightheadedness' is detected and your mission is finding the cure. The updated version is now available.

  1. For Honor

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Are you ready to spend spooky time in For Honor’s annual Halloween event? It’s Return of the Overworld and this event will end on 8th November. The Heroes (include Wu Lin) will turn to their scariest form with new mask outfits. In addition, new weapons and gear are also available in the game as well as the vaporous moonlight effect.

  1. Killing Floor 2

Players can celebrate some Spooky times in the Monster Masquerade update. There is a new map called Monster Ball which is full of traps and zombies. In addition, Tripwire also added new spooky tune and new weapons and they didn’t forget to do a makeover for all bosses and enemies in Halloween Styles. If you own both Killing Floor 2 and Road Redemption, you will receive a crossover item: a chained baseball bat.

  1. Black Desert Online

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Black Desert Online joined the Halloween party with the event Halloween Escapade and you can enjoy it until 7th November. New quests and missions are added to earns rare items, EXP scrolls. The event boss this year is Spook, a very mysterious one and players from all levels can combat with him.

  1. World of Warships

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Halloween is often an occasion for Wargaming to test their new feature and this year is submarines. During the event, Wargaming will collect data to judge the impact of it on the game and decide to introduce it or not. The sea will become more scary with new Halloween decorated boots.