Some of you must have at least once heard about Deep Red and Suspiria or the one in which Harvey Keitel chokes a cat in the middle of a photo shoot. Those 3 have one thing in common: directed by the Italian horror director - Dario Argento.

Great news for gamers is that he seems to be dabbling in the gaming industry at the moment. He certainly does not have any intention to swap from being a director to a developer. However, he is, indeed, working as a creative supervisor for a game called Dreadful Bond. This is a psychological and horror game with the first person point of view. The game takes place in an abandoned manor.

When it comes to psychological horror, many will find spooky houses somewhat familiar. However, they still come in handy when you want to scare people. This time, it’s a prison full of labyrinths. The place is packed with shadows, memories, dreamscapes as well as disembodied voices. This prison seems to be the place where "Empuros’" secret is hidden, no matter what it is, along with a few terrible events stem from the past of the manor.

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A look inside the manor

The manor’s story is almost literally told by shadows. Past moments were recreated through silhouettes. Developer Clod Studio captured those moments via filming real actors. Also, the house can transform. Doors might collapse and unveil a coastal temple as well as the ocean beyond it.

In the manor, all the things you see began life being real objects, from a boring drape to some creepy artifacts. The whole team traveled to many places in order to photograph strange and somewhat frightening locations across Italy. In case they couldn’t find the thing they need, they would just make their own props by hand.

In lieu of a traditional trailer, Argento and the studio have made a short film which they call For Bridget. The film really showcases how the manor as well as the creepy shadows living there look. For Bridget is sure not short on style. The short film follows a couple of scholars on their way of discovering the manor after the game’s events about 30 years. Obviously not something they should do. It neither ends up well for the watchers to follow them.

It's quite undermined due to the voice acting; however, it is somehow spooky and weird in another way.

The developers are really close to the final stage of the developing process. Clod Studio is now making attempts to have $67,347 in pledges from Kickstarter. When that happens, it can get to the final stage right away. The last phase is expected to last from about 12 to 15 months. Therefore, we are unlikely to see it before December 2020.