Profondium Games has unveiled first information about Deadhunters - a cooperative game in which the players can take on the role of the imaginary heroes and engage in your own adventure.

Profondium has two co-founders, who have been committed to the game for over two years. The founders were inspired by other games like Vermintide and Diablo, but they still want to provide the users with familiar experiences like games such as Hand of Fate or Dead Cells.

And that's how Deadhunters was born. You can have a look at the trailer below to see more details:

As mentioned, Deadhunters is a co-op role-playing game. You are allowed to choose any hero you want, then engaging in the missions and discuss with your partners to make unanimous decisions.

During the gameplay, you'll have to collect items, gaining EXP to level up as well as die and revive many times in an ever-evolving world full of hopelessness and darkness. Finally, defeat the damned and make it to the desirable position that you dream of in the Deadhunters’ Guild. 

Screen Shot 2019 09 28 At 00 17 25
Some screenshots of Deadhunters

Key features of Deadhunters:

  • Embark on the mission either alone or cooperate with friends (maximum 4 people).
  • Engage in the adventure and make collective decisions with your friends, hence, all of you will receive the same outcomes.
  • There is a collection of ragtag characters which have their own distinctive skills.
  • Reach the higher level, gain items and explore deeper.
  • Try to survive as long as you can in the deep and dark world.
  • Continuously seeking for new tasks created in the procedural story and world.

Below are some thoughts of Deadhunters's founders:

Profondium Games came up with a game that players could enjoy playing either alone or with other people due to the experience with the Unreal Engine and essential incentive. That’s how Deadhunters was born.

The Deadhunters Mp4
You can play alone or cooperate with your friends

Previously, the game's name was Dead Nights and had a funnier tone. They finally decide that the game will take the dark fantasy settings, where the beasts originated from an imaginary, and “heroes” (also mercenaries) who conquer all kinds of bad creatures and damned.

With the inspiration from the Diablo and Vermintide’s dark mood, they've built an evil and gritty world with Deadhunters. In terms of the heroes, they believed that every character should not be ordinary or good people because they should have their own story and motivating force to become the guild’s members.

Hence, there would be conflicts between the characters and the stubborn people, which naturally lead to funny banter.

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Dark Fantasy Setting will be the main theme of the world in Deadhunters

To make the game interesting in the long-term for the players, they also took inspiration from Hand of Fate or Dead Cells. Thus, they've chosen to use random generation.

Nevertheless, the developer also desired to have a changeable story that’s suitable for each playthrough, so the idea of giving choices that the players will have to make (which will influence the result of their task) while crossing this evil world is applied. Unanimous decisions will give a different aspect to the co-op game.

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Discuss with your friends to make unanimous decisions, which will impact the group's outcome

We feel that the roguelike components like permanent death, discovery or random generation combine with the roleplaying components such as upgrading level, choice system, and looting will make a perfect rogue playing engagement. Then, with the cooperative factor in the game, you have Deadhunters!

I’m quite satisfied with Deadhunters, especially the dark fantasy setting. However, the developers should add more blood and gore, which are essential for this game. I hope Deadhunters will be released soon with the addition of missing things. Hopefully, the game will become successful.

Deadhunters doesn't have an official release date yet, so stay tuned to Gurugamer for more information in the future.