As the genre of "stylish action game" suggest, of course Devil May Cry V will feature a lot of cool weapons. The info so far reveal Dante with a cool bike as weapon, named Cavaliere. The bike can be split into two giant blade to attack enemies.

So what is more cool than that in Dante's arsenal?

Recently, at New York Comic Con event, Capcom revealed more info about the upcoming Devil May Cry V. At the event, Capcom show off more gameplay footage and details about new weapons for Dante, including a hat.

Faust Hat Devil May Cry V
Yes, this hat is Dante's newest weapon

The new weapon's name is Faust Hat, created from Faust, a demon in Devil May Cry 4. With this hat, Dante's move can be boosted, using red orbs (the main currency of Devil May Cry) as the source of power. Some may think that this is a move from Capcom to get more money, with microtransaction and all. But according to Capcom, the Faust Hat main idea is a high risk/high reward mechanic, since you will regains more red orb with successful hits from the hat. That means Faust Hat is the main tools to do some Red Orbs farming if you are good at the game.

Faust Devil May Cry 4
The source of Dante's new hat

At the event, Capcom also reveal more returning weapon to the franchise. A version of Kalina Ann, customized for Dante, will also make an appearance in the game. Along with that is the returns of Cerberus, the ice nunchaku from DMC 3. But in DMC V, the Cerberus will have more power than that, with two new modes: Fire bo staff and lightning chains.

You can see more about Dante's weapon in the below videos:

Devil May Cry V will be release on March 8, 2019, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.