Video games are created base on human imagination, so it’s normal when these features are fictional and weird. In the games, there are lots of unreal swords, guns, and even magic. Let’s check out the weirdest weapons in the gaming history of the world and see how creative those developers are. 

Hair - Bayonetta

Bayonetta is one of the most illogical but really exciting video games. The protagonist is a time witcher but she uses her high heels as a gun. Moreover, this character can use her hair as a weapon. Although it’s strange and funny, this weapon is really powerful and deadly. 

Bayonettas Heel Guns And Hair Fights
Bayonetta's Heel Guns And Hair Fights

Shark Gun - Armed & Dangerous

This special gun can all a shark from under the ground. You aim, shoot, and wait to see the amazing thing: a shark coming from the underground world will swallow your enemies. What a creative and impressive weapon in video games.

Shark Gun Armed And Dangerous
Shark Gun (Armed and Dangerous)

Mr. Toots - Red Faction: Armageddon

Is there any weapon weirder than a Unicorn gun releasing rainbow ammo from anus? Red Faction: Armageddon brings you such an odd weapon that you may never see in your whole life. But it can be very funny when killing enemies with this amazing gun.

Mr Toots
Mr. Toots - Red Faction: Armageddon

Tuna Sword - Phantasy Star Online II

One of the most bizarre weapons in the gaming industry is a Tuna Sword in Phantasy Star Online II. No matter whether your weapon is powerful or powerless, it would never be as cool as a tuna sword. 

Tuna Sword
Tuna Sword in Phantasy Star Online II

Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts

Do you know which weapon is creeper than a giant blade? It must be a giant odd blade: Keyblade of Kingdom Hearts game. However, despite its strange appearance, Keyblade is a really strong weapon. Besides, the working mechanism of this weapon is the same as other normal blades. 


Super Sheep - Worms

This is another weapon you can see nowhere but in Worms game series is Super Sheep. A white sheep is used as a devasting weapon with giant power. However, it’s not easy to use. This Black Sheep can become a double-edged sword and cause damage to you.

Super Sheep
Super Sheep in Worms

Lulu’s Doll - Final Fantasy X

It seems to be more understandable if Wakka’s blitz ball can cause damage because it can be really hurt. However, it’s really difficult to understand why such a lovely doll can cause so much damage to the monsters. Magic!

Lulu's Doll
Lulu's Doll

Teddy Doll - Dead Rising 2

You will never want to use a Teddy doll to fight against monsters to survive among unlimited waves of zombies. But if it is a sharp-shooter Teddy with an SMG, you’ll be saved. 

Shooting Teddy In Dead Rising 2
Shooting Teddy In Dead Rising 2