DOOM (2016) is one of the most successful installments in id Software and Bethesda's long-running series, as players highly reviewed its campaign, visuals, and gameplay that have truely inherited the spirit of the classic first-person shooters DOOM (199x). And when I looked at the gameplay footage from the recent trailer of DOOM Eternal, I think it's going to be even better.

DOOM Eternal is the fifth installment in the series and the sequel of the last DOOM game of 2016. It was revealed back at E3 2018, but from that moment, gamers didn't receive much information about the new game apart from its March 2020 release date. And now, as we're getting closer to the launch, the publisher Bethesda has launched a brand new trailer showcasing its gameplay.

And it might be the best trailer of DOOM Eternal so far, as we do not only see the stylish shooting but also some monsters and weapons as well. You can see the trailer below:

A brief overview on DOOM Eternal

If in DOOM (2016), the DOOM Slayer has done his job of wiping out the unsettling horror of Hell on the futuristic Mars where people have successfully colonized, DOOM Eternal will see the unnamed hero back at the Earth again, just to find that our beloved home is now struggling with the demonic invasion.

Doom Eternal New Trailer 1
In DOOM Eternal, the Slayer is finally coming back to Earth

Your task is to help the Slayer again, make his journey down to Hell and make your bullet rain to raze it to the ground. This journey will also open up the secret origins behind the DOOM Slayer, but at first, you'll have to keep him alive while fulfilling his mission of tearing and ripping.

Doom Eternal New Trailer 3
The Earth was destroyed by the Demons

The DOOM series has always been famous for its frantic fast-speed shooting and slashing, and DOOM Eternal will keep this great tradition. In fact, it's going to make it better, as your DOOM Slayer now has a lot of powerful weapons in his arsenal: a flamethrower stick on your shoulder along with other guns, a sharp blade on your wrist, and the trusty Double Dash as well.

Doom Eternal New Trailer 4
The Slayer will make his revenge down to Hell

With such power, you're now stronger, faster and more dangerous for the wicked entities of Hell. DOOM Eternal still keeps the first-person combats mechanics, which you will have to combine both your fast speed and your mobility to dash in the bullet lanes of your enemies while shooting them down or slash them into pieces stylishly. Slaying them will give you materials for upgrades like more health, stronger armor, and ammo if you run out of bullets.

Doom Eternal New Trailer 5
Ripping off your enemies for your needed parts

However, apart from the enhanced visuals, new maps, and new monsters, DOOM Eternal introduces the Battlemode for the first time. According to the developer, it's basically the 2v1 multiplayer mode, where 2 people will take control of two dangerous demons. The other one will become the DOOM Slayer, and they'll head to the combats for the winner in the best-of-five series.

Doom Eternal New Trailer 6
Features a brand new 2v1 multiplayer mode

In detail, there are 5 demons for the players to choose from, including the Pain Elemental, Mancubus, Revenant, Marauder and Archvile. We can also see the Marauder in the trailer above. Overall, DOOM Eternal is expected to be another successful successor of the greatness of the DOOM series.

What we can see from the second trailer of DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal will officially launch for PC on March 21, 2020, if something doesn't go wrong as we've seen with Cyberpunk 2077. For now, players can pre-order the game on Steam, but we recommend having it come out first to avoid seeing problems like the disastrous Red Dead Redemption 2 launch.

Doom Eternal New Trailer 7
Doom Eternal will launch this March

But if you don't have any problems with your new-year empty pocket, feel free to pay for $59.99 to pre-order your game. Enjoy!