Aaditya Sawant aka Dynamo during his recent live stream appealed to the audience to keep chats of live game streamers clean. Indian audience has tuned their hatred towards streamers by abusing and harassing them online. Not only male streamers but female streamers have received hatred about their gameplay. Talking about it further, he also said that an audience should always appreciate the efforts put in by the streamer to entertain the audience.

Dynamo requested the audience to stop spreading hate in the live chat.

Several streamers have spoken about this issue several times and have requested the audience to respect streamers. However, the most affected game play continues to be GTA V Roleplay. The audience have not stopped backseat gaming and continues meta gaming which often diverts the attention of a streamer. Despite repeated requests and announcements, PUBG Mobile players have been stream sniped.

Dynamo during his stream appealed to the audience.

The entire Team SouL have discouraged in game meet ups. This announcement was made by SouL MortaL a month back and since then despite his fans throwing away their weapons and gears are being shot down with a clear message that such in game meet ups will not be tolerated and accepted. Recently, a well known professional PUBG Mobile player faced severe harassment in his chat which forced him to quit streaming for around a week.

Several streamers are receiving hate from the audience

"Its obvious that streaming does not provide any major income or generates revenue. It is only through the donations that a streamer earns money which is an unstable income. Trolling and online harassment on chats affects the mindset of streamer," said a professional PUBG Mobile player and a streamer. Dynamo during his live stream on YouTube channel Dynamo Gaming said that the audience should normally talk to the streamer. Interaction with the audience is what a streamer wants.

But Indian audience often does backseat gaming and indulges in spreading hatred. We as a gaming community should treat each and everyone respectfully. I can just appeal the audience which is very young and should stop spreading hatred among the professional players and streamers.