At the E3 2019 earlier today, Bethesda announced a new game called Deathloop developed by Arkane Studios. Deathloop is a first-person action game with the art style of Dishonored and Prey.

The story revolves around the two protagonists Colt and Julianna, who also are each other's archenemy. Both of them are trapped in a time loop in which any of them will come back to life in a different location every time they die. Colt thinks that if he can kill Julianna for good, he can break free from this curse.

Deathloop Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer E3 201
One person wants to escape

Deathloop Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer E3 201
The other loves it

While Julianna actually likes this cycle of death and rebirth and believes that she can prolong this time loop by killing Colt time after time, again and again. The result is, the two keep trying to kill each other in an endless loop. You can check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

Deathloop Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer E3 201
The game takes place in an island

Arkane Studio has the reputation of making games with a mind-bending story like this with a high level of detail in the game design. The two characters both have abilities to run on the wall paired with many special powers and magic just like Corvo Attano in Dishonored. They are trapped on an island with not-so-friendly inhabitants (assuming from how the two are killing them in the trailer).

Deathloop Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer E3 201
The people on the island isn't very friendly

From my observation, the studio borrowed abilities from their previous game Dishonored 2 to give Colt and Julianna, although the studio hasn't confirmed this. Also, the trailer seems to imply that the time loop from this game was inspired by the time loop mechanic from Mooncrash DLC for Prey.

Into the game, you will play as either Colt as Julianna and the story will be played out differently based on your choice in each stage of the game.

The release date of the game is unknown for the moment and the platform for the game wasn't announced either so we will have to wait for further information.