Years ago, dragons have taken over the earth. Humanity has no choice but to live in outer space on colonies around the planet. However, our two characters Sydney and Stanley can't accept this anymore so they are going to take on all the dragons by themselves and claim back their home. You can check out the trailer of EarthNight below.

EarthNight is a post-apocalyptic side-scrolling runner from Cleavesoft. As Sydney or Stanley, you will skydive back to Earth and try to kill as many dragons as possible. Stanley is a swordsman and a freelance photographer while Sydney is a student with a superpower. They both have the necessary skill to save the earth, but their ways of approaching mission and slaying dragons are different from each other due to their unique strengths. Stanley has strong legs which allow him to jump higher and leap farther. Sydney, on the other hand, can dash mid-air and do a double jump.

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Dragons have taken over the earth which forced humanity to live in space

In each run, you will first start from space and go through layers of the atmosphere, traveling on the back of dragons and skydiving to get to the ground, where your journey ends.

The basic control in EarthNight is simple and easy to learn. But mastering all the combinations of moves is hard.

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You always start the game from outer space travel through the atmosphere

Key features:

  • The world is beautifully hand-painted in 2D with 10,000+ frames of art and animation.
  • Each run is unique thanks to procedurally generated levels.
  • More than 25 power-ups and tons of secrets to discover.
  • There is a total of 5 layers of the atmosphere with 40 types of enemies over 15 unique dragons.

EarthNight is currently in development and will be published by Cleavesoft for PS4, Switch, PC (Steam) on December 3, 2019.