FromSoftware has been on a roll ever since their first hit game, Demon’s Souls, roll out in 2009. After Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's massive victory in The Game Awards this year, fans are now more hyped than ever for whatever the company is going to release next. Another reason for this hype is the nature of their next work: it is a collaboration with the famous author of the Games of Thrones series, George R.R. Martin. The game is going to be called Elden Ring – and its release month might have just been leaked.

Elden Ring
The protagonist of the game dressed in a Soul-style armor

FromSoftware has just mistakenly revealed a New Year card on its website, which claims that Elden Ring would be released in Jun 2020. While this might be just either a placeholder or error, the possibility is low, as the thing is posted on the company’s own site. Furthermore, this also corroborates a previous leak from Target, a retail chain that often distributes video games, which means the June release window even more likely to be true.

The new year card from the company

The leak back in Sept this year was that Elden Ring would be released on Tuesday, Jun 30. While this date might just be a placeholder, the fact that its Tuesday is rather suspicious, with most video games release on either Tuesday or Friday.

Release date accidentally leaked

A formal announcement for the title would probably come soon, as the game would be revealed alongside the next Xbox in an event this summer. While Elden Ring is a current-gen title, it is likely that Microsoft is going to use it to showcase the power of their new console.

Fans who are waiting for the game should not be too hyped, as no gameplay or anything related to the in-game assets has been shown. Because of that, it is pretty difficult to gauge its state of development. Overall, a June release date for the game is rather optimistic.

Elden Ring is going to be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Interested in more of our video games related posts? Please check out this article for the top anticipated games of 2020.