Emerald is the main currency in Minecraft. Players can use it to trade with villagers for all kinds of items. It is not that common in the environment, however, which might waste a lot of players' time and effort. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 7 best Emerald farms Minecraft 2022 so that players can get enough emeralds to buy whatever they want.

1. Villager Cure Emerald farm

This method revolves around curing a zombified villager over and over again to get the maximum discount. The bonus max out at 5 cures, where the villagers would give you a great rate of emeralds in trade.

Cure A Zomie Villager
Cure A Zombie Villager to get discounts

Building the structure for turning villagers is fairly simple. Just box a zombie and a villager together and separate them with a lever-operated partition. Remove the partition for the zombie to attack the villager and turn it into a zombie villager then cure it with a potion of weakness and a golden apple. Repeat the process 5 times for each villager.

This is the easiest farm to set up, as it does not require players to build anything outside of the box with the zombie. Just brew potions, get apples and gather some villagers to begin the process.

2. Raid Emerald farm Minecraft

Raid farm is one of the faster Emerald farming methods in the game. However, it somewhat relies on RNG, as players need to find a pillager captain to get the bad omen effect to trigger the raid.

Firstly, dig a hole in the place you plan to trigger the raid and put a villager and a bed inside it. Cover the top of the hole so that mobs can't attack the villager.

Minecraft Raid Farm Step 6 1 1024x576
How to make a emerald farm in Minecraft

Afterward, dig around and create a lake. Dig another 27-block deep hole - this is the maximum distance that Pillagers can fall without dying. Place water source blocks so that the water funnel mobs into the kill hole.

Minecraft Raid Farm Step 8 1024x576
Collection chamber

Lastly, create a kill chamber in the 27-block deep kill hole. At the bottom of the 27 block hole should be slabs of some sort for Pillagers to fall onto. Below these slabs should be hoppers, and those hoppers should be connected to three double-wide chests.

3. Fletcher villager Emerald Farm

One of the best trades for Emerald is selling sticks to fletchers. The reason for this is that sticks are incredibly easy to get from trees. Players can just gather a number of wood blocks to create as many sticks as possible for trading.

Minecraft Fletcher
Fletchers are the best villagers for emerald farm Minecraft.

Using a piston system, players can keep removing the worksite block of a fletcher so that it refreshes its "stick to emerald" trade. This way, players can quickly convert stick to emerald en-masse. This build can also be applied to villagers of other professions, however, nothing beat sticks in efficiency.

4. Mason villager Emerald Farm

Cobblestones are one of the most common resources in the game, as they are used for building pretty much everything from walls to buildings. Just smelt all your cobblestone and trade them to mason villagers at the rate of 20 for 1 Emerald.

Mason Villager
Players can create multiple villagers of the same profession to increase their farming rate.

This is even better if you have the silk touch enchantment on your pickaxe - it removes the need for smelting. Clay from swamp biomes is great for emerald trading as well. Mason villagers pay one Emerald for 10 pieces.

5. Weaponsmith villager Emerald farm

The weaponsmith villagers need Coal, Flints, and Iron and are willing to trade emeralds for them. Coal and Flints are readily available everywhere on the map... and Iron can be farmed at great speed with a farm and iron golems.

Weaponsmith Villager
Weaponsmith vilalger is a good target to consume excess emerald.

1 Emerald is the equivalent of 15 coal, 24 flints or 6 iron ingots. These villagers also trade weapons to players.

6. Librarian Villager emerald farm

The first thing you need to do is to create a large sugarcane farm. It is best to make this farm as big and accessible as possible. Afterward, you need to get as many librarians as possible (it is recommended to breed these villagers) - they have a fixed offer of 1 emerald for 35 pieces of paper.

A normal sugarcane farm is the best way to farm Emerald in Minecraft

Use the paper from the farm to trade repeatedly for Emerald and sooner or later you would be drowning in money.

7. Loot from village chests

Villages turned out to be the best place to get emeralds in Minecraft. Players can find a lot of chests with Emerald in a village. While they only have a 10-30% chance for 1-4 emeralds, there are a lot of chests in a village for you to open. Overall, villages are the biggest structures in Minecraft to find Emeralds.

Villages in Minecraft

Even if players fail to get emeralds from village chests, trading is always an option. Fletchers, farmers, and librarians are the best options for emerald trade in Minecraft. This is why finding a village is always one of the best things to do in the early game.

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