The event of World of Warcraft to celebrate its 14th anniversary is nearly over, which also means this is going to be your last chance to possess one of the most desirable and powerful artifacts in the entire Azeroth: a pair of goggles that is capable of turning everybody into cute corgis, which can add a little novelty while players are busy farming WoW Gold. This Massively Multiplayer Online game has got a couple facelifts throughout the past few years. However, we can totally say that this time is undeniably better than the previous event where Blizzard gave orcs some proper postures.

You will have the chance to turn yourself and everybody else into cute corgis

This event is going to end at 10AM on Friday (server time). So, you will have to try your best to get the goggles along with any other thing that you like from the celebrations before that time. The great news for the players is that you will hardly have any troubles when you use them. Just try to put on the goggles, you may even make some new friends while using it.

A closer look on the corgi

If you get access to the game World of Warcraft right now, you are going to receive some emails from the developer Blizzard. This mail, contains 200 badges along with a packet for the celebration event, will increase the amount of reputation and experience you get in the game within an hour. Another gift from Blizzard is a letter that gives you a brand new set of quests. You can bring the badges you have just earned to Historian Ju’pa (Orgrimmar) or Historian Llore (Stormwind) and get yourself a pair of magical eyewear.

The magical goggles

Besides the main activities of the event, there are also some more things going on in the game such as some of the classic bosses of the game is having a return, all of which drop loot and badges that you can spend to buy more things at the two places mentioned above. You can even use those badges to buy an in-game corgi pet for yourself.