Blood Elves are one of the many races you can play in World of Warcraft. They stand out from the other Horde groups, especially when compared to other representatives of this faction. The key skill of this race — Arkane Torrent — isn't as strong as the one of an Orc or Troll. And most of the time, Blood Elves are picked just because they look cute. Players who like to play Blood Elves and want to get better at PvE content should think about getting a WoW boost from a reliable site. For those who want to find out why the Sin'dorei decided to join not the Alliance but their sworn enemies, we recommend reading this article.

Sin'dorei Prehistory: From High Elves to Blood Elves

Since Blood Elves, also known as Sin'dorei in their native tongue, have only lately adopted this moniker in place of Quel'dorei, or the high elves, it is important to understand their history. Their love for magic, and especially their need for it, has always defined them as distant ancestors of the night elves. Early in the history of Warcraft, the high elves had a rich life in regions, so beautiful that the other races on the continent had legends about it.

World Of Warcraft

One of the main events of World of Warcraft was the invasion of Azeroth by the orcs in the First War, which gave mankind a decisive and devastating blow. This led to the formation of the Alliance of Lordaeron as a counteroffensive against the danger posed by the orcs. The high elves quickly joined forces with the early Alliance, already owing the humans a favor for their assistance in battling the trolls who had previously attacked them. This would turn out to be their only hope since the orcs soon assaulted Quel'thalas, their home. All those involved in the Second War suffered greatly. However, in the end, the Alliance emerged triumphant, and the high elves went home to heal their wounds.

Third War: The Scourge Invasion

Arthas sought to bring the formidable necromancer Kel'thuzad back to life. However, to do so, he needed the Sunwell, the limitless magical energy source that was the lifeblood of high elf civilization. The Fallen Prince led his army of the undead directly toward his goal. 

When the high elves asked for assistance, none of their allies responded. The majority of the Alliance was either deceased or too far away to be of use. In one savage swoop, Arthas eliminated 90% of the elves. Furthermore, he completely defiled the Sunwell, wiping off the high elves' only source of magic and their only chance.

Following the devastation and the passing of his father, Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider was left with no option but to gather the remnants of his people and seek assistance from other sources. His people were also suffering greatly from the loss of the Sunwell; mana withdrawals threatened to drive them all insane with a voracious appetite for magic. After this destruction, Kael'thas gave his remaining people the name Sin'dorei, or blood elves.

Sin'dorei Struggle: Betrayal, Survival, and Alliance with Illidan

Othmar Garithos was in charge of all the Alliance troops that were still in Lordaeron. He thought that all of Azeroth other races were less important than humans. When Kael'thas asked Garithos for help, the Grand Marshal looked down on the hurt blood elves and didn't want to help them. He would not let them fight with his men against the Scourge. Instead, he sent Kael'thas's forces on suicide missions against Warcraft's undead, hoping they would not return. 

Kael had no choice but to ask the naga, creatures who looked like snakes and came from the sea, for help. Garithos was angry when he heard that the blood elves had joined forces with the naga. Garithos used it as a reason to put them to death for betraying him. 

Sin'dorei were going to be executed if Lady Vashj, the naga’s leader, hadn't saved them all with the support of Akama and Illidan. After following the last, the Sin'dorei abandoned Garithos to the Scourge, enticed by promises that fel magic could compensate for their severe mana losses and provide a new power source. They gladly agreed, and Kael'thas led his people to a future where they could finally get the safety and influence they deserved.

The Divide and Alliance in Outland

While some remained loyal to the Alliance, the majority followed Kael'thas to Outland, seeking refuge in Illidan's domain, where fel magic offered respite from mana withdrawals.

However, Kael'thas sought a darker path to attain greater power. As time passed, Kael's sanity waned, ultimately leading to his demise. With him gone, his nation found themselves without a leader.

Fortunately, the Alliance and Horde went into Outland around this time to stop the Legion's plans. The Sin'dorei were still wary of the Alliance and didn't want to join their old friends quickly. So it made sense for them to help the Horde in exchange for a strong alliance. At the time, Thrall was Warchief and happy to have the new race join the Horde. He admired their determination and expertise.


Sin'dorei have been members of the Horde for quite some time. And while their relationship with the group has been tense at times, the Sin'dorei have shown to be vital allies. Their hostility against the Alliance faction has diminished over time, but they are unlikely to join forces with them permanently. Furthermore, the Blood Elves understand that they look much better in red.