World of WarCraft is a popular and well-known game that has united millions of players around the world. For the second decade, it still remains one of the most popular and beloved games. But how is it so? What is its success?

It's because the developers are giving players more and more tools and freedom of action. The latest Dragonflight patch has fundamentally changed the whole situation. The maximum player level is now 70. After the Shafowlands patch it was 60.

World Of Warcraft Khong Con Phai Tra Phi Mua Game

The mechanics of obtaining gold and wow mythic boosting  experience was redesigned. Now, pumping from level 1 to the maximum level takes 30-40 hours of real time, which is very little. And after reaching level 70, the player is free to do what he wants:

- Pump upgraded professions (the system has become very flexible and interesting);

- Collect resources;

- Perform story quests;

- Pass story campaigns of different additions and timelines;

- Go on raids;

- Go through dungeons.

And here the last point was and will be one of the most favorite among users.

Mythic plus in the game World of WarCraft

Dungeons are small (sometimes large) multi-level adventures where players have to fight interesting opponents, defeat bosses and receive rewards for doing so. Each dungeon can tell a unique story, introduce interesting characters and reveal the secrets of the heroes' stories and the universe.

But the dungeons also prepare a lot of rewards:

- Weapons;

- Ornaments;

- Rings;

- Armour;

- Achievements;

- Pets;

- Riding animals.

Naturally, the most interesting rewards are hidden in the mythic plus level.

They're not easy to get into. They are different from the classic dungeon:

- Increased health on bosses and mobs;

- Increased damage to heroes;

- New attacks;

- New spell combinations;

- You can't get in through "search".

Yes, to get into mythic dungeon you need to pass all previous difficulty levels and get the key that will allow you to enter mythic dungeon. One key is one try. And you don't want to waste it for nothing. What should players who are just starting out and have never been in such a difficult dungeon do? There is a solution - wow mythic dungeon carry.

Boosting mythic plus in World of WarCraft

Wow mythic boosting is a service that many newbies use. It doesn't just help you pass a dungeon and get rewards. Boosting helps newcomers learn how to complete dungeons competently.

The user can choose how they want to pass:

- mythic plus carries (where the booster acts as a leader and leads the squad);

- Passing the account to a booster;

- Option with the joint passage in Discord, where there is an option to communicate with the booster and learn its strategies and tricks.

The user receives invaluable experience, looks at the strategies and tactics of experienced mythic carries, analyzes, while getting the desired goal: rewards, achievements, and equipment.

If you choose to book a mythic carry wow, you need to leave an application on the website, which will include the following information:

- Character level;

- The name of the dungeon;

- The presence of the key (if not, we will look for a booster who has the key in their inventory);

- Your character's class;

- Boosting type;

- Timeline.

Our boosters are players with years of experience playing and tournament play in WoW. We guarantee to find the right booster and 100 percent results.