World of Warcraft is still regarded as one of the globe's most popular games sixteen years after its release, and now anyone can play it free without hitting any snags. You will have limited access, but you can spend as long as you want to explore. If you don't want to waste your time getting the highest level for your character use WoW Classic Boosting.

The experienced players out there might opt to use their heaps of gold over at Blizzard to purchase additional time, meaning you can keep your cash in your wallet. 

World of Warcraft is still regarded as one of the globe's most popular games sixteen years after its release

Without further digression, here's how to play WoW completely free.

Get to grips with free account limitations. 

Free World of Warcraft accounts can play until reaching level 20 of the overall 120 level cap, and after hitting that limit, they can keep playing, but XP won't be counted.

In-game communication is also restricted with free accounts, guild joining is unavailable, and there's also a cap of just ten gold applicable. 

If your subscription has become stagnant, you will have an account that gets reverted to similar restrictions that apply to a free account, except for the ability to allow your main character to jump into the same Guild as your other characters. You will be able to create new characters, but you'll lose access to any characters above level 20.

Free accounts are ideal for playing unlimited time on World of Warcraft to decide if the game is right for you.

Create your account and download the client

Head over to the World of warcraft account creation page to start the free signup process. For those that have existing accounts, you can jump right in and download the client right away.

Click the signup button and complete to form with all of the required details; no credit card is needed for a free account. After you've completed the form select the option labeled ''play it free''.

Your download may begin automatically. If not, select the download option to begin your download. Open the installer once the download finishes to begin installing the client.

Begin verification

You will have received an email to verify your account, which will be the email used at the time you created your account. Confirm your email by clicking the link in the email.

Install WoW and start playing!

Head back over to and log in using your shiny new account. You'll be prompted to install World of Warcraft, hit submit. Once the download finishes (it's 70gb so it'll take a while) it will ask you to install the remaining WoW services, which may require you to accept some terms and conditions.

Once installed, you are ready to begin playing World of Warcraft! Open the application and launch the game from there. Select a server and create a new character by following the on-screen prompts. New players are advised to avoid PVP and Roleplaying servers until they gain an understanding of how to play the game properly.

Wow 2
Once installed, you are ready to begin playing World of Warcraft!

Extending a paid membership with Tokens

Back in April 2015, there was a World of Warcraft update which saw the introduction of WoW Tokens. Tokens are items that players can obtain as part of a World of Warcraft 30 day subscription. Players can use real money to purchase Tokens to sell on in the auction house in-game in exchange for gold. Doing so essentially allows you to buy the game using the gold you get from playing the game. Free accounts don't have access to the auction house, and World of Warcraft tokens are pretty pricey, meaning this is not a possible option to continue playing for free. In other words, if you decide to reap the fruits of a 30-day subscription, you can easily maintain your subscription for free with the use of tokens.

We hope you've found our guide useful, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.

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