Blizzard has been seeing money flooding into its pocket after this gaming company released the game World of Warcraft Classic. This title offers gamers the opportunity to experience the classic MMO of Blizzard in its original form, before any expansions being added. Until now, this game is only 9-day-old, but we have already seen how big the impact of this game really is.

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Blizzard and World of Warcraft Classic kinda cause a lot of problems now

From more than five hundred thousand fans wait for the first stream of World of Warcraft Classic to more than one million view for this game on Twitch on its first day (nearly ten times higher than the number of view for Fortnite the same day), we can say this game proved itself from the first day already. The amount of players of this game is so way above the expectation of Blizzard that this gaming company had to open so many more server to serve the players, after seeing players had to queue (literally queue) to fight the monsters in the game.

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Literally queuing to fight rare monsters of the game

If somehow we are describing you in the above sentences, then we have good news for you. There is a way for us to play World of Warcraft Classic on mobile phones. Although there is no official mobile version for this game from Blizzard, a Reddit user named u/reallybadpennystocks has figured it out the way to play World of Warcraft Classic via his smartphone. He even managed to reach level 17 just by playing the game on his mobile phone.

For any of you that want to play this game on your mobile phone, the instruction will be right below, but please take note of something. First, you still need to have a PC that is capable of running World of Warcraft Classic. And second, this is not the official mobile version of the game, so there are certainly a lot of drawbacks while you play on mobile.