The highly anticipated classic title World of Warcraft Classic has officially arrived. A huge number of fans of this game have waited for this game to come out for so long that when the servers went online officially, fans have been flooding all servers of the game. However, not all fans of the game can physically play it, so they turn to Twitch to watch streamers playing their favorite game. That is the reason why this game has gained a huge number of views on Twitch in just a few days.

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At the time this article written, WoW Classic is still the most watched category on Twitch

The fans who cannot play the game have turned on the World of Warcraft Classic streams even before the servers went online. More than five hundred thousand fans turned on the streams just to see the streamers looking at the login screen of the game for hours before official release time.

And when the servers got online, the viewership for this game on Twitch skyrocketed up to more than one million viewers, thus making this game the top watched video game on Twitch. The number of viewers for World of Warcraft Classic on Twitch now is nearly ten times higher than the second most-watched game – Grand Thief Auto V.

Twitch Viewership Numbers
Nearly ten time more viewers than Grand Thief Auto V

Twitch streamers for this title are also surprised at the number of viewers they gather too. Twitch streamer Asmongold just screamed “Holy shit” repeatedly when he discovered the number of viewers for his World of Warcraft Classic stream.

That is what is happening with the viewers of this title on Twitch, what about the players of the game themselves. Previously, we have reported that as the number of players skyrocketed way about the expectation of Blizzard Entertainment, so a lot of players have to wait hours just to log in the game. The players even have to queue to fight quest monster in the game. That is why Blizzard Entertainment had to add five more servers for the game immediately. Those servers are Kirtonos, Ashkandi, Kurinnaxx, Kromcrush, and Rattlegore.

Screenshot 3
The announcement of opening 5 more servers from Blizzard Entertainment

It is worth noticing that among these five servers, only Ashkandi is the normal server, all four other servers are PvP servers. And Kirtonos, Kromcrush, and Ashkandi are the Eastern servers, while Rattlegore and Kurinnaxx are Pacific servers. Players in our country need to login Rattlegore and Kurinnaxx servers to enjoy the game the best.

Noone can be sure how long this huge success of World of Warcraft Classic can last, or whether it can become the actual Fortnite killer on Twitch (earlier this year we all thought Apex Legends would be the end of Fortnite, but things did not happen that way). But no matter what will happen in the future, this success already proves how wrong the current president of Blizzard Entertainment was in the past.

J Allen Brack Diablo 3
The current president of Blizzard Entertainment J. Allen Brack

Back in 2013, the current president of Blizzard J. Allen Brack (not the president at that moment) was asked about the intention of Blizzard Entertainment for the previous World of Warcraft expansions at BlizzCon 2013 event. His answer to the question was infamous:

“Have you ever thought about adding expansions for previous servers as they were then?” The fan put the question.

“No. You don’t want to do that either. You think you do, but you don’t.” J. Allen Brack answered immediately.

The answer “You think you do, but you don’t” of J. Allen Brack quickly turned into a meme trend among the Warcraft fan community, especially after the announcement of releasing World of Warcraft Classic title last year from Blizzard Entertainment. Nevertheless, the fans of World of Warcraft Classic should feel lucky, as J. Allen Brack and Blizzard Entertainment still ‘kinda’ admitted that they were wrong by releasing this title. There are a lot of gaming companies nowadays cannot see that they are wrong, or many anticipated titles can never see the light of the day.