Last week, along with Blizzard's announcement of the World of Warcraft Classic server comes with a warning: the server will be really crowded - and the waiting queue could reach over 10,000 players. And with the official launch of the North American Server earlier this week, it seems that the above warning is not an exaggeration: as you will have to wait a really long time just to login to the game.

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Almost all the server are currently crowded.

Even when the Classic servers have the capacity of thousands of more players than the original version of the servers, all those new servers are full, with the login queue of thousands of players. This mean from the time you start logged in, you will have to wait in a lengthy queue in order to play the game.

As of now, every time you select the server, there will be a warning that you will encounter a lengthy queue - which could take a few hours of waiting. While Blizzard has added some new servers to World of Warcraft Classic in the past few days, almost all of them are instantly full - further showing the interest of many gamers in the classic MMORPG.

However, Blizzard has announced that they won't add too many new servers at the moment - instead, they are focusing on the stabilities of the current servers.

Prepare to wait for a few hours if you want to play the game.

Their current goal is to spread players out to diminish the lengthy queues but still managed to keep the sense of community - which was the point that many past players loved about the original World of Warcraft.

For now, if you want to play World of Warcraft Classic, you should login a few hours beforehand and doing something else while waiting, because it will take a long time.