With the launch of World of Warcraft Classic servers, many players have returned to the game, along with a big number of new players that want a taste of the vanilla version of the renowned MMORPG. Due to this reason, the game's servers are really overcrowded, as players now have to wait for a few hours just to log in to the game.

But, the "Login screen" is not the only place that players are stuck in a long queue - as those who have managed to play the game will also have to wait in a long line in-game to wait until their turn to kill rare monsters and finishing their quests. Those hilarious situations are currently all over WoW Reddit threads and Twitter, with a bunch of posts showing screenshots of the current situation.

One example is posted via Reddit, by the user named greenufo333. You can see the image he posted below:

Waiting in line to fight the rare monster.

The image was posted with the caption of "when dozens need to kill one boss." And as the image exactly show, all the players that want to kill this boss are waiting in a nice, long line, waiting for their turn to kill the boss for their quest. To put it simply, the current state of World of Warcraft Classic, for now, is: you wait for a long time just to log in, and then you proceed to wait in another long line to kill a boss.

One Reddit user has humorously summed up the current situation: "waiting in a four-hour queue to stand in a line."

World Of Warcraft Screenshot 2019 08 26 14 33 04 6
Almost all the server are currently full.

Along with that, there are also been a lot of pictures on the social media showing a queue of more than 14000 players waiting to log into the game, with the waiting time of more than 3 hours. While this situation was foreseen by those at Blizzard with the warning of long queue time at launch - due to the numbers of registered users - Blizzard has announced that they won't add too many new servers at the moment. Instead, they are now focusing on the stabilities of the current servers.

World of Warcraft Classic is now available to play. However, you should wait until things have calmed down a little if you really want to enjoy the game.