Just like in real life, humans need fire for basic tasks like boiling water, cooking food, and staying warm. In Minecraft, fire is also essential. To see where you're going when exploring caves or dark places, a torch is essential.

This guide will introduce everything you should know about torches in Minecraft, including how to make torches in Minecraft (normal, colored, and underwater torches) as well as how to use them properly.

What are torches in Minecraft?

A torch is a non-solid block in Minecraft that emits light.

Torches come in different variants, including soul torches, colored torches, lanterns, and underwater torches…

Torches In Minecraft
Torches in Minecraft

How to get a torch in Minecraft

Natural generation

Torches can be found in various locations throughout Minecraft. They are generated among the supports in mineshaft corridors, on lamp posts and inside most houses in villages, in different rooms within strongholds, in the basements of igloos, in woodland mansions, and on top of pillager outposts. They also appear around bonus chests if blocks are at the same height on each side.

Mineshaft Corridors In Minecraft
Torches are generated among the supports in mineshaft corridors.

In the End, four torches are part of the exit portal, positioned around the second bedrock block from the top. Additionally, torches can be found in ancient cities.


When the ender dragon dies or is re-summoned with end crystals, the four torches on the exit portal regenerate. If the original torches are still there, they drop as items, and the new torches replace them in their positions.


Torches in Minecraft can be instantly broken using any tool or even bare hands, and they drop as items when broken.

A torch will be removed and drops as an item under the following conditions:

  • The block to which it is attached is moved, removed, or destroyed.
  • Water or lava flows into the space occupied by the torch.
  • A piston moves the torch directly or pushes a block into the space where the torch is situated.

Chest loot

In Minecraft, torches appear in some chests scattered around the world, but it's not like a lucky draw. The kind of chest and where you find it determine what's inside.

Item Structure Container Quantity


Java Edition
Torch Mineshaft Chest 1-16 65.7%
Village Savanna house chest 1–2 11.3%
Bedrock Edition
Torch Mineshaft Chest 1-16 65.7%
Village Savanna house chest 1–2 11.3%
Java Edition
Soul Torch Ancient City Chest 1-15 35.9%
Bedrock Edition
Soul Torch Ancient City Chest 1-15 35.9%

Moreover, you can craft torches by combining the necessary items. Let's proceed to the next section for more details.

How to make torches in Minecraft 

In this part, we will share with you recipes to make a regular torch and a redstone one. They look the same but have a key difference. Regular torches just light up your world, while redstone torches can power all sorts of cool gadgets and contraptions!

Before crafting these items, you'll need to gather a few materials and set up your Crafting Table and Furnace (optional) in the Overworld.

How to make torches in Minecraft: Items required

Wood: Head out and find a group of trees to chop down. Your lumberjack efforts will yield small blocks of wood logs scattered around the terrain that you'll need to collect (in Survival Mode). You can use any tool to fell trees, even your bare hands, though not a sword. Any type of wood can be used to craft a torch.

Coal: You'll find these hidden coal ore blocks underground, usually between 4 and 15 blocks down. Just remember, you need a pickaxe to crack them open and get that sweet coal.

Redstone (for a redstone torch): Look for redstone ore veins between 10 and 25 blocks deep. Crack them open with at least an iron pickaxe to harvest the redstone dust, the key ingredient for your redstone creations.

Make wood plank blocks

Foremost, convert logs into planks before making sticks. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open Crafting Table or your Inventory.
  • Step 2: Put one wood log block into any square of the crafting grid. Stripped wood can also be used for this purpose.
  • Step 3: Move the resulting four wood plank blocks into your inventory.
  • Step 4: Repeat for as many wood plank blocks as you need.

How To Make Wood Plank Blocks Minecraft

Make sticks

Next, let’s make sticks generated from the planks to create the torch body.

  • Step 1: Open Crafting Table or your inventory.
  • Step 2: Put one wood plank block in the top row (anywhere).
  • Step 3: Put one wood plank block directly below in the second row of the crafting grid.
  • Step 4: Move the resulting four sticks into your inventory.
  • Step 5: Repeat for as many sticks as you need.

How To Make Sticks Minecraft

Make charcoal (optional)

In fact, you can make torches in Minecraft without coal. This is simply another approach and beneficial practice in case you require charcoal in the future.

  • Step 1: Open your Furnace. 
  • Step 2: Put coal in the bottom square. 
  • Step 3: Put a wood log block in the top square. 
  • Step 4: Move the resulting charcoal into your inventory.

How To Make Charcoal Minecraft

You can make more charcoal at once! Just toss extra wood logs or coal into the furnace with your first batch. It'll keep cooking up charcoal until everything runs out.

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How to make standard torches

Now, with sticks and coal (or charcoal) ready, we can create our torch! This type emits a soft white light against the nearby blocks.

  • Step 1: Open your Crafting Table. 
  • Step 2: Put one coal or charcoal in the middle square of the top row. 
  • Step 3: Put one stick directly below it in the middle square of the second row. 
  • Step 4: Move the resulting four torches to your inventory. 
  • Step 5: Repeat for as many torches as you need.

How To Make Standard Torches Minecraft

How to make a redstone torch in Minecraft

Want red lights? Grab a redstone torch! It gives off a dimmer, redder glow than a normal torch. But that's not all! Redstone torches are the key to powering awesome stuff in Minecraft, like glowing lamps, pistons, cool doors, and more!

Here's how to make one (you can only make one at a time):

  • Step 1: Open your crafting table.
  • Step 2: Put one redstone dust in the middle top square.
  • Step 3: Put a stick right below it in the middle second square.
  • Step 4: Grab your new redstone torch!
  • Step 5: Repeat for as many torches as you need.

How To Make Redstone Torches Minecraft

How to make colored torches in Minecraft

So, how to make blue torches in Minecraft? How to make underwater torches in Minecraft? The recipes are similar to that of a redstone torch. Here’s how you can craft them:

Type Ingredients Crafting recipe Note
Blue or

Red or

Purple or

Green Torch

Cerium Chloride or

Mercuric Chloride or

Potassium Chloride or

Tungsten Chloride + Torch

How To Make Colored Torches Minecraft Cerium Chloride: Blue

Mercuric Chloride: Red

Potassium Chloride: Purple

Tungsten Chloride: Green
‌(Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Education only)

Jack o'Lantern Carved Pumpkin + Torch How To Make Jack Olantern Torches Minecraft
Lantern Iron Nugget + Torch How To Make Lanterns Minecraft
Soul lantern Iron Nugget + Soul Torch How To Make Soul Lanterns Minecraft
Underwater torch Magnesium + Torch How To Make Underwater Torches Minecraft ‌(Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Education only)

Watch this video for a detailed guide:

How to use torches in Minecraft

Torches in Minecraft can be placed on the top or sides of most solid blocks, though some blocks may require sneaking to place them. Since torches are non-solid, they do not have a collision box.

Blocks affected by gravity, such as sand and gravel, will not start falling if there is a torch occupying the space immediately beneath them. If these blocks fall onto a solid block with a torch above it, they will break. However, if there is an air block beneath the torch, the falling blocks will pass through the torch and land on the surface below.


Torches emit a light level of 14. Additionally, they can melt snow layers within a 2-block radius and ice within a 3-block radius (measured by taxicab distance).

Soul torches in Minecraft emit a light level of 10. Because of this lower light level, soul torches do not have the ability to melt snow or ice.


Soul torches have the special ability to repel piglins.

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This guide has covered everything you should know about torches in Minecraft. From crafting regular, redstone, colored torches to lighting up your world and powering your creations, you're now a torch master! Still have a question? Don't stay in the dark, fire away in the comments below. Happy exploring!