Torches are non-solid items that emit light. They are extremely useful to have in Minecraft, as mob spawns are based on light level. However, there are many other uses for torches besides illumination. In this article, we are going to showcase the best uses for torches in Minecraft 1.18.

They give off a light level of 14. Furthermore, torches also melt snow layers within 2 blocks and ice within 3 blocks.

1. Mark locations to prevent getting lost

Torches are super cheap to make - for just one piece of coal or charcoal and one stick, players can create 4 torches. Because of that, they are good items to just spam around to mark locations players have passed.

For example, by placing torches, at already explored locations, players would be able to navigate the world without backtracking to places they have already explored. Creating a road using torches also prevents players from getting lost when exploring far from their base.

Minecraft Torches
Placing torches to mark hard to navigate cave systems.

2. Prevents monsters from spawning

Being non-solid, torches have no collision box. Therefore, they are great to spawn proof any location you want. On large bases, there are usually rooms without any windows, which might allow monsters to spawn when you are distracted.

Putting torches inside them would prevent this from ever happening. Furthermore, illuminating the outside of a base with torches will also help prevent creepers from blowing it up.

 spawn proof spawners
Place torches to spawn proof spawners

3. Repel piglins

Torches can be turned into a special blue variant called Soul Torch by adding soul soil or soul sand to the crafting process. These torches only have a light level of 10 (vs normal torches' 14) but have an extra feature that repels piglins nearby.

Every time players place a soul torch, the piglins will avoid the area of the torches and the player who is near it. This can be useful if the player wants to lead the piglins somewhere or lure them out of the vicinity.

Minecraft Piglin 4
Piglins can be pretty annoying in Minecraft.

4. Create lanterns

Players can combine torches with a carved pumpkin or 8 iron nuggets to create Jack o'Lantern and Lantern, respectively. Soul torch can also be crafted into Soul Lanterns. The Lantern is among the most luminous of light sources, emitting a light level of 15, while the soul Lantern emits a light level of 10.

Torches In Minecraft
The two versions of fire in Minecraft alongside their torches and lanterns.

Players can also put torches inside carved pumpkins to create a jack o' lantern, which works exactly like a lantern.

5. Growing trees

Players can grow trees underground using light from torches. Various patterns of saplings and torches can be used to achieve varying degrees of space efficiency. Since saplings only require light level 9 to grow, a single torch starting at light level 14 can sufficiently light 60 saplings.

Furthermore, as trees need sufficient light to grow, players can just place torches beside them so that they can continue growing even at night.

underground tree farm
An underground tree farm using torches.

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