Have you ever dreamt of being a capitalist? Have you ever got tired and just wanted to become independent at your own work? Well, most of us share the same thoughts. And if you have some spare time, Merchant Of The Skies is the best game for relaxing purpose as it allows you to run your own business in a giant boat floating in the sky.

Merchant Of The Skies
Merchant Of The Skies is on Steam with an Early Access release.

The trailer below will show you how trading among the clouds looks like:

Merchant of the Skies is basically a trading game packed with some base-building and tycoon elements. According to Coldwild Games, it's hard to categorize this game into one specific genre. There are lots of things you can do as the captain of your ship: exploring the wide-open sky, earning some money by operating your business, or gathering resources to build your base.

Merchant Of The Skies1
Enjoy the game at your own will.

While Merchant of the Skies has no fixed goal for players at the moment, Coldwild Games does encourage us to play this game our ways. Moreover, the pixel-art visuals and refreshing background music blend really well, and that's good for those who're into the genre or are looking for some relaxing moments.

Merchant Of The Skies2
Encounter non-ordinary creatures.

The characters are cute, the gameplay looks impressive, and you're free to enjoy it at your own pace. So what are you waiting for? We can't be a merchant running our own company in the sky while also traveling around the world in a big floating boat every day. And remember that the developer Coldwild Games is open for suggestions as the game is currently at the early access stage.

Merchant Of The Skies3
Become the captain of a flying ship!

You can grab Merchant Of The Skies right now on Steam. Hurry up and you might still get a 10% discount!