Last month,  Nintendo released Super Mario Maker 2, in which player can create their own Mario game and play it or play the ones from other creators. Players can choose to create their game based on the style of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U, and Super Mario 3D World theme. Depend on which type you choose, you will have different mechanics, enemy behaviors and limitations in your game. The game allows players from around the world to free their imagination and create many unique and creative games, making the Mario world more dynamic and fun.

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Super Mario Maker 2 allows players to create many different games using their imagination

However, no one would have thought that a father created a course using Super Mario Maker 2 to reveal the gender of his second baby to the whole family. Recently, Jonathan uploaded a video on Youtube in which he gathers the whole family in front of the TV, watching him playing his own creation called Baby Steele Gender Reveal.

Baby Steele Gender Reveal 0 51 Screenshot
"J+L" is to refer to him and his wife

Throughout the game, you can see he used coins to shape "J+L" which refer to the name of him and his wife or the due date of the baby written by brick blocks and giant floating heart before ultimately revealing the baby's gender. You can check out the video he uploaded below to see for yourself.

Jonathan and his wife have been thinking about a unique and fun way to do this for quite a while. And then he came up with this idea which his wife also liked a lot. In fact, Super Mario Bros was the first game Jonathan played. He and his brothers, like any other boys, loved playing the NES together when they were small so this game means a lot to them.

Baby Steele Gender Reveal 1 27 Screenshot
The due date of the baby

The game starts out with the classic World 1-1 form the original and slowly changing with "personal touches" so his family can understand the game, as not everyone is a gamer. This is the first game that Jonathan ever made in Super Mario Maker 2 and he said that he will make more in the future.