The developer Kong Orange has opened up about their cute Death-in-love in their 3D puzzle adventure game Felix The Reaper for a while. With its strange protagonist and intriguing gameplay, the game has attracted many gamers to watch for it.

However, the publisher Daedalic Entertainment hasn't revealed its release date until yesterday. Here's the trailer of the game that came out a year ago, which you can have a look at the cutest Death himself:

About Felix The Reaper

The title of the game is also the name of the protagonist - Felix The Reaper is the employee at The Ministry of Death. However, he has encountered a love-at-first-sight with another employee from The Ministry of Life - Betty The Maiden. Working for a totally different entity, the only place that Felix can meet his lover is in the human world.

Felix The Reaper Is The Cutest Death You Could Hav
Meet Felix The Reaper - the loveliest grim reaper you can find

Hence, Felix will take the job in the mundane world of ensuring that people die. And before that, he'll kindly ask for them to teach him how to dance so that he can show off his moves in front of his love. People die for a reason, and Felix has to solve some puzzles to create incidents leading to people's death as the order of the ministry.

However, as the Death himself, Felix can only move in the shadows, and if he gets caught by the light, he'll disappear. Fortunately, Felix has the ability to turn the sun and shifting the shadows, therefore crafting new routes to get around the world of the living.

Felix The Reaper Is The Cutest Death You Could Hav
Felix can shift the sun to make new shadow paths

Everybody loves somebody - and Felix will dance his way to pursue his love!

Special gameplay features

As I've mentioned before, Felix The Reaper is a 3D puzzle adventure game, in which you'll take control of Felix The Reaper from the third-person perspective. Felix might dance as he enjoys, but the grim reaper needs to fulfill his job first: making sure the people die accordingly to the script from The Ministry of Death. The developer also revealed that Felix was made based on the inspiration from some cultural identity of Death, including The Dance of Death or Danse Macabre and Death And The Maiden.

Felix The Reaper Is The Cutest Death You Could Hav
Felix takes the inspiration from many folklores

Most of the time, you'll find yourself solving puzzles on the human's world. Your task is to create the situation leading to the people's death that the Ministry has ordered. However, as you can only walk in the shadows, you'll have to carefully plan your route before trying. If you've run out of roads, you can shift the sun to craft a new shadow path, leading you to the location you wants.

After preparing for people's death, your job is very simple: meet them and ask them to teach you how to dance. The dances that Felix can learn was animated by real dancers, such as Gunilla Lind and Raphaël Ferdinand Eder-Kastling. You can see one of many dances in the GIF below:

Felix The Reaper Is The Cutest Death You Could Hav
Real dancers help to finish Felix's moves

Completing a level will unlock the nightmare version of itself, which encourages players to get better. With each person you've successfully lad the way, you'll gain a skull which will unlock extra time trials as well, so there are more reasons to grind with the hardcore mode.

Felix The Reaper Is The Cutest Death You Could Hav
Challenge yourself with the hardcore mode after completing the levels

A beautiful world, a lovely story with cute characters, along with the fascinating gameplay, Felix The Reaper is a must-try when it comes out.

Release date and supported platforms

During the presentation of Inside Xbox on September 23, the developer Kong Orange has revealed that Felix The Reaper will come out this October.

The specific date is October 17, and it will release for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC through Steam and GOG on the same day.

Felix The Reaper Is The Cutest Death You Could Hav
Felix The Reaper is coming out soon!

Are you excited to step on the shoes of the grim reaper?